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Cirurgia das Pálpebras sem Cicatrizes

Technique developed and perfumed by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra's hair for 20 years

Since 1995, Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra has used a carbon dioxide laser to rejuvenate and stress upper and lower eyelids. The fat bags of the upper eyelids bear the weight of the upper eyelid, producing an expression of tiredness, sadness and velhice.

Laser blepharoplasty

Or Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra extracted the fat bags of the upper palpebrae through a minimal incision, not the internal angle of the palpebrae. This incision does not need to be sutured, pois date-se sozinha. As fat bags two lower eyelids are removed through a incision in the conjunctiva, which was also dated only.

Laser treatment sem cuts

In addition to this technique, it does not damage anatomical structures, it does not cause scars and it does not produce the complications that appear frequently with conventional techniques, such as sclera show and ectropion.

The upper and lower eyelids were peeled off and rejuvenated and tightened with the Carbon Dioxide Laser and Ultra-som.

Post operative blepharoplasty

Or Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra chooses energy to be used according to how the patient needs to work and needs. A pele will recover da ação do laser approximately 3 to 7 days.

This is a young patient with a short period of time, he will be able to return to or work in 3 days. If the patient is very laxidized and can leave his activity for 7 or 10 days, he uses more energy to obtain a greater rejuvenation.

A use of energy is a factor that is always discussed previously as a patient. Leaf in day or Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra You are using patient naqueles that need immediate recovery or Ultra som micro focal.

O rejuvenescimento da pele obtained by carbon dioxide laser can be checked in one weekIt continues to last for 90 days and will last for many years.

Vantagens gives laser blepharoplasty

The benefits of the technique developed by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra's hair are as follows:

  • Não deixa scars
  • Produces less edema and bruising
  • There are no complications that are frequently seen in patients treated with conventional surgery, such as sclera show and ectropion.
  • It does not go down as well as conventional surgery, avoiding the appearance of tiredness, sadness and velhice that this produces.
  • The results are always natural, and this is because it is not removed, but structures are damaged.

Before and depois


Thanks to the advancement of Laser Technology and ultr-som, or Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra abandoned the conventional techniques that remove and provide patients, who come from all over the world, natural results, lasting and scarring.

Doubts and questions

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