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Orzuelo y Chalazión

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The meibomian glands are the ones that secrete the fat content to the tear, which avoids its evaporation and the dryness of the eye.


At Hoogstra Medical Centers we recommend laser drainage.
It is a simple, quick and painless procedure that produces immediate relief and quick recovery.
This procedure is performed by the ophthalmologists team.

Cost of Stye and Chalazion Treatment

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The meibomian glands empty into the base of the eyelashes (where women put the eyeliner on). And it is there, precisely, where certain skin germs -staphylococci- usually lodge, which form a plug, so the gland becomes covered and swells: this is how the stye is formed.

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Clinical picture

The first symptoms of a stye usually include pain, redness, itching, and tearing.
Clinically, a reddish bump can be seen on the edge of the eyelid and the base of the eyelashes, usually with a small point of pus in the center. If a stye doesn't drain and doesn't heal, it can become a chalazion.
The chalazion tends to develop farther from the edge of the eyelid than a stye.


The most frequent home remedies are intended to produce local heat and stye drainage.
You have to give eye drops and creams with antibiotics.
If all these measures fail, the best is laser drainage.
It is a simple, quick, painless procedure that produces immediate relief and a quick recovery.
Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra places anesthetic eye drops, then an eye protector and anesthetic creams on the eyelid.
Once the entire area is anesthetized, a Lotus Laser shot is performed, which reaches the focus of the problem and drains the content with the immediate relief of its symptoms.

Patient testimonial

We invite you to watch the videos on our YouTube channel with the account of patients who have received this treatment, entering here: Stye and Chalazion