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Lifting with tensioning threads

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If you have a moderate degree of flaccidity of the facial skin, cheeks and neck, the indication is the tension threads.

The ideal is to combine treatments, associate the tension threads with fillers, botulinum toxin and many times previously reactivate the collagens with Ultrasound.

What is a Lifting with Tension Threads?

A Lifting with Threads consists of producing a subtle but visible elevation of the facial structures, without having to make incisions and dry skin.

Although the effect is subtle, it is also noticeable. Lifting with Tensor Threads is a temporary procedure and lasts the time it takes for the threads to be reabsorbed.

However, the stimulation of the collagen produced by these threads slows down the natural aging process. This is important because of the role that collagen and elastin play in the aging process, for this reason that the combination of stimulation first with ultrasound and then the placement of the tension wires enhances the aesthetic result.

As we age, we gradually lose collagen, which is why at Hoogstra Centro Medico we give so much importance to its stimulation.

What is the advantage of performing a lifting with tension threads instead of a surgical lifting?

For most patients, the biggest advantage of lifting with Tension Threads is the shortest recovery time. While a face lift requires stopping the activity for one or two weeks, having someone to assist you the first few days, the Lifting with Tensor Threads the patient assists only to carry out the treatment and the next day continues with its activity.

This procedure is also very beneficial for those patients who have children or who have activity that cannot suspend it, or simply for those who are not yet psychically prepared to undergo surgery or who do not look so bad to enter an operating room. .

The laying of the tension threads it is performed with local anesthesia, it is ambulatory, usually does not require subsequent pain relievers. Edema, bruising or feelings of comfort are exceptional but can occur.

Some minimal precautions should be taken after treatment, such as not vigorously rubbing your face while washing your face as well as moving gently while sleeping.

Do not do physical activity for 10 days. If the patient suffers any unwanted effect such as irritation, allergy or infection, it is simply resolved by removing the thread.

One of the most important points when performing this procedure is that the patient maintains realistic expectations about it.

This procedure does not have the results of a surgical facelift. We always recommend associating procedures with which we see that the results are significantly better.

Tensioning threads, the facelift without surgery

As we said previously, if the patient has dark spots, sun damage, we can remove them with a non-invasive laser, if he has grooves and wrinkles, we can improve them with fillers and toxin, and the combination with ultrasound to model adiposities and tighten the collagen more the final results.

Lifting with Tensor Threads has a greater benefit in those patients with a moderate laxity of the skin than those with a severe sagging of the face and neck.

The ideal patients for the placement of tension wires are usually around 30 to 45 years old, although there are older patients who do not have much flaccidity and also benefit from this procedure.

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Most of the patients who consult us to perform a Lifting with Tensor Threads are those who still do not feel the need for a surgical procedure, those who do not have time to perform it, but there is another group of patients who also consult us because they have cardiovascular diseases , diabetes, hypertension and other diseases and who want to look better without having the risks of surgical intervention.

It is also important when making a decision for a surgical facelift or a lifting with tensioning threads is that while a surgical facelift can last approximately 10 years, a facelift with tensioning threads lasts a year, this result as I said previously can be much more durable if associated with ultrasound and filling in certain facial areas.

What are PDO Tension Threads?

PDO threads are made of Polydioxanone, which is a 100% material that is absorbable and biocompatible with tissues.

Thread Types

Spiculated threads.

They are threads with small spicules, and thicker than monofilament. The spicules anchor deep in the skin and promote tension and a Lifting effect. They achieve a tightening effect, thus improving, obviously and naturally, the flaccidity and fall of the tissues.

Monofilament threads

These threads are smooth and made without spicules. I use them to stimulate collagen production to plump areas like cheekbones, cheeks, treat facial lines and wrinkles.

The selection of the patient and the expert performance of these procedures achieve excellent, natural results with immediate recovery.


  • These procedures are performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.
  • The entire procedure can take 30 to 45 minutes.
  • The patient can resume his activity immediately after performing the procedures.

Price of facial tension threads treatment

  • Placement 4 spiculated threads, tensioners to produce lifting effect has a cost of $ 400.
  • Laying 8 spiculated threads, face tensioners has a cost of 700 dollars.
  • Placement of 10 collagen stimulating threads 200 dollars

Other recommended treatments in association with tensioning threads

  • Eyelid surgery Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra developed an innovative procedure by which we receive patients from all over the world which is scarless eyelid surgery.
  • Tear channel If you have dark circles, lower eyelid pockets not yet very prominent, you may be a candidate for non-surgical rejuvenation of the eyelids and malar region with fillers.
  • Ultrasound facial rejuvenation If you have slight flaccidity and localized fat in the neck and branch of the maxilla. Non-surgical Ultrasound Lifting is an extraordinary tool with lasting results over time.
  • Radio frequency with micro needles If you have slight skin imperfections, some wrinkles and little flaccidity, perhaps the most suitable for you. it is a treatment with radiofrequency with microneedles.
  • CO2 laser lifting If you have facial aging where fine wrinkles predominate and these are extended throughout the face, you. Has indication of a treatment with Carbon Dioxide Laser
  • Dark spots on the skin Our centers have Laser Helios and recently the Picosecond Laser to rejuvenate the skin without damaging it and to eliminate spots caused by sun damage.
  • Facial fillers If you have deep grooves around the mouth and chin, perhaps the ideal is a non-surgical lift with fillers
  • Face and neck lift If you have a great flaccidity of all the skin of the face and neck. He is a candidate for a face lift.

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