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Hoogstra Medical Centers has the most advanced technology for the treatment of Rosacea. Depending on the type of Rosacea you have, you can carry out one of these treatments or combine them. Our team of Dermatologists will evaluate you and tell you what is the right technology to start your treatment.

Rosacea Treatment

Therapeutic 980nm Diode Laser:
Vascular effusions (spider veins): The most modern treatment today is laser therapy. The most widely used wavelengths for these vascular lesions are the 532nm, 980nm and 1,064 long pulse. The laser light passes through the skin without damaging it and discharges its energy into the hemoglobin of the blood vessel. This caloric effect causes damage to the vascular endothelium, this causes the collapse of the vessel and its disappearance.

The number of sessions depends on the size of the vascular lesion and the amount, generally 3 to 4 sessions are sufficient.Rosacea is an evolutionary disease that should not be confused with psoriasis

Radiofrequency with Micro needles

It is an innovative technology that helps regenerate the substances that are essential to keep skin tight and young. Its application is simple, painless, fast and does not harm the skin.

This contribution of technology resides in the application of electromagnetic radiation directly to the areas affected by rosacea and those that are not, but show signs of aging.

The radiofrequency with microneedles It produces a gradual heating on the skin, causing the blood vessels to close and acting on the existing collagen fibers, strengthening them and causing the formation of new collagen - an effect called collagen genesis -, causing skin contraction and reducing flaccidity. During the procedure a sensation of heat is perceived in the treated area, without becoming uncomfortable or painful. Although the skin may look red, it gradually disappears during the course of the day.

Radiofrequency with microneedles achieves the collapse of blood vessels, reduces erythema and produces a contraction of the skin (lifting effect), as it redefines the contour of the face, lifts the cheekbones and eyebrows, as well as the neck (jowl) and remodel the facial area.

The results are extraordinary from the first moment and are gradually increasing. It does not require anesthesia or a recovery period; inclusive, it is possible to sunbathe as long as the adequate protection is used.

The result is evident from the first session, when the contraction of the blood vessels and the stimulation of the existing collagen are immediately achieved. In a second stage this improvement will be accentuated, obtaining the maximum result around the first three months.

Recommended sessions: 1 every 15 or 30 days, for 4 or 5 months.

This treatment is performed by Dermatologists. You can start treatment at any of our centers. Dermatologists will evaluate you before the procedure and can clarify any questions you have. 

Microfocalized ultrasound: new method to reduce localized adiposities, tighten and rejuvenate the skin

Micro and Macro-Focused Ultrasound is an innovative system indicated for women and men today who want to improve their appearance without leaving daily activity.

It is an extremely effective treatment, often comparable to a facelift, but it does not leave scars, it does not take anesthesia or recovery time. It is a painless, quick and immediate recovery procedure that can be performed throughout the year to treat:

  • Express face and neck lift
  • Neckline wrinkles
  • Rosacea and Acne Acne Treatment
  • Reduction of localized fat
  • Skin tightening without scalpel

Unlike laser or surgical treatments, patients treated with microfocalized ultrasound can immediately continue their activity since it is a system that works in depth and does not affect the surface of the skin.

Ultrasound does not act on the surface of the skin like lasers do. With its exclusive multi-head system, it acts in the deep layers where collagen resides, in subcutaneous fatty tissue and in the muscular fascia system.

Microfocalized ultrasound produces results that can be observed immediately after the procedure is performed without skin damage and without recovery time. But the most significant results occur as time passes, reaching its maximum effect 60 days after the procedure.

The process involves creating new collagen, reducing localized fat, and tightening the skin.

It is indicated in:

  • Patients with mild-moderate aging.
  • Patients with a more important aging seeking a change not as significant as that produced by a facelift.
  • Patients with localized fat who want to improve without undergoing surgery.

Price of face-neck microfocused ultrasound treatment (HIFU):

The cost is USD 2500 (VAT NOT INCLUDED) face and neck (includes 4 sessions)

Patient experiences

We invite you to watch the videos on our YouTube channel with the account of patients who have received this treatment, entering here: 

Rosacea: Before and after

Rosacea Treatment Cost


  •  Facial $35.000
  • Cheeks $20,000
  • ½ face $20,000
  • Cara-cuello $55.000
  • Cara-cuello-escote $60.000

Radiofrequency with Microneedles: $60.000 the first session, then $35.000. It is performed by dermatologists in the 3 centers.

This procedure is performed by dermatologists at the 3 centers.

You can take your turn online WITH DERMATOLOGISTS  and go directly to carry out a treatment.

Doubts and queries

If you have any medical questions, send an email to [email protected]  . In this mail Only medical consultations will be received. Inquiries about shifts, payments and administrative issues are not attended.

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