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My experience was amazing from start to finish. Travel from the United States to the city of Buenos Aires with the security and peace of mind of doing the right thing and having chosen the best.
To perform a global facelift including forehead, eyelids, nose, face and neck.
After hearing who the doctor was and his worldwide recognition.
Do not hesitate for a moment to put me in your hands.

I recommend 100% this place because it is headed by a plastic surgeon with an impeccable career with more than 30 years of experience and cutting-edge training in performing
aesthetic and reconstructive treatments.

He is a very realistic and conscientious doctor with whom you can be honest with him from your first contact, either by WhatsApp or directly in his office, you can tell him about your wishes and the expectations you have, and also the doubts that the intervention raises.
That is if you have to be clear that he will advise you on the best technique and the most appropriate type of intervention for you and will explain the details but at no time will he agree to your whims if they go against your health, your life and harmony. and naturalness in the final aesthetic result on your body.

Their prices are in dollars and they are not the cheapest on the market and after the pandemic they showed a significant increase.
But the quality in all the processes from start to finish is so impeccable that in the end you know that you paid the right price and you made a great investment in yourself.

It has a wonderful team that accompanies you from start to finish and makes everything very easy. They can pick you up at the airport, put you in a good hotel, help you make the payment simply and quickly.
Advise you with all the exams, take care of your gastronomic cravings after surgery, between Celia the tourist promoter, Dr. José Luis in the financial part, Josefina the coordinator of all medical matters and Estelita the best caregiver, you have a safe and unforgettable experience .

Dr. Ricardo and his team have a unique technique in the world, nobody does a surgery like mine in a record time of 2 hours and without general anesthesia, without going through intensive care.
And without leaving a scar on your forehead or eyelids.
Just a few seams at the height of the ears between the hairline and the ball of the ears and in the back with almost imperceptible results.

No other surgeon is as fast as him, they all require 4-6 hours to do something similar.
For me it was a great advantage to be conscious almost all the time thanks to his anesthesiologist.
And not to mention the recovery when I left the room and when the effect of the anesthesia wore off, I didn't feel anything more than a little discomfort.
I didn't have to take a single painkiller during my entire recovery.
The postoperative care was very simple, you can go home or to the hotel after a few hours.

I decided to spend the night at the clinic for my intervention. I chose the headquarters in Caballito, it is a very cozy old house equipped with all the best for the process and the best care from all the staff.
I had to stay in Buenos Aires for 14 days, during this time the doctor and his team were very attentive in communicating with me and we scheduled two sections to control and remove all the stitches.
So if you dare, I recommend you arrive 1 day in advance.