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Laser eyelid surgery

My name is Yan, I am Asian
Most people fly to Japan or Korea or Thailand for the upper eyelid for Asians
I want to remove as much as fat around my upper eyelids and tightening after
But my eyes are still puffy due to fat
That is amazing! I like the idea of a small incision instead of the big scar actually.
I will prepare and find a good time to come to your place in Argentina

Yan from Asia


Hello Dr Hoogstra, I am writing to you from Miami Florida USA, I found your page searching the Internet for treatments for rosacea since I have rosacea and here in the USA I have not found a doctor or a serious dermatological center that has novel treatments like yours, which I have been able to appreciate in the YouTube videos, I would be interested in an appointment with you but I am far away, do you still have no center here in the USA that I can attend and obtain these types of treatments? I am very interested in them.

Eyelid Surgery

I visited the most prestigious plastic surgeons in Paris and they all offered me the conventional eyelid surgery to remove skin and leave a permanent scar.

I found Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra looking for more information online and discovered that he developed a technique to rejuvenate the eyelids without removing skin.

His technique was published in prestigious specialty magazines, which gave me confidence to travel.

I had surgery and I am happy with the result obtained, natural and without scars.

I recommend that you travel and have surgery with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra, and Buenos Aires is a beautiful city.