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Alexandra Pedroza

2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to undergo surgery for the second time, I had a forehead lift-endoscopy and the first time was in 2019, it was a blepharoplasty, they removed the fat from my eyelids. Due to the pandemic, it was only possible for me to return this year. Dr. Hoogstra's way of working is incredible! You remain as if nothing had happened. It didn't hurt at all, I didn't take a single analgesic for the pain, I didn't have any pain and the recovery was very fast. It is worth traveling from the United States for the second time. Since the security of not taking any risks and of looking good is guaranteed. I tried to take a friend with me who wanted to have a face and neck lift and my friend didn't want to go, she went to Cancun Mexico, because it was cheaper for her. They left her with facial paralysis on the entire left side of her face. Dr. Hoogstra takes care of you and treats you as if you were his family. And his work team is fantastic. Very attentive girls. Josefina, Lucia, José Luis, thank you, even the lady who was bringing coffee to my husband. I do not remember his name . She is in charge of caring for the patients' families. And he helped me get dressed. Very grateful to all of you. A piece of advice to all people who want to have facial beautification. Please see him with a doctor who is highly trained. It is not easy to travel to Argentina from Texas, United States. But the effort is worth it since I put myself in the hands of an eminence in surgery Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra.🤗🤗🤗🤗

Maria Diaz

My experience was amazing from start to finish.
Travel from the United States to the city of Buenos Aires with the security and peace of mind of doing the right thing and having chosen the best.
To perform a global facelift including forehead, eyelids, nose, face and neck.
After hearing who the doctor was and his worldwide recognition.
Do not hesitate for a moment to put me in your hands.

I recommend 100% this place because it is headed by a plastic surgeon with an impeccable career with more than 30 years of experience and cutting-edge training in performing
aesthetic and reconstructive treatments.

Es un doctor muy realista y consiente con el cual te podrás sincerar con el desde su primer contacto sea por Whatsapp o directamente en su consultorio, puedes comentarle tus deseos y las expectativas que tienes, y también las dudas que te plantea la intervención.
Eso si tienes que tener claro que el te aconsejar la mejor técnica y el tipo de intervención más adecuada para ti y te explicara los pormenores pero en ningún momento accederá a tus caprichos si van encontrar de tu salud, de tu vida y de la armonía y naturalidad en el resultado estético final en tu cuerpo.

Their prices are in dollars and they are not the cheapest on the market and after the pandemic they showed a significant increase.
But the quality in all the processes from start to finish is so impeccable that in the end you know that you paid the right price and you made a great investment in yourself.

It has a wonderful team that accompanies you from start to finish and makes everything very easy. They can pick you up at the airport, put you in a good hotel, help you make the payment simply and quickly.
Asesorarte con todos los examenes,encargarce de tus antojos gastronómicos después de la cirugia, entre Celia la promotora turistica,el doctor José Luis en la parte fimaciera,Josefina la coordinadora de todo lo medico y Estellita la mejor cuidadora ,tienes una experiencia segura e inolvidable.

El doctor Ricardo y su equipo tiene una técnica única en el mundo, nadie te hace una cirugía como la mía en un tiempo récord de 2 horas y sin anestia general, sin pasar por cuidados intensivos.
Y sin dejarte ni una cicatriz en la frente ni en los parpados.
Just a few seams at the height of the ears between the hairline and the ball of the ears and in the back with almost imperceptible results.

No other surgeon is as fast as him, they all require 4-6 hours to do something similar.
Para mi fue una gran ventaja estar consiente casi todo el tiempo gracias a su anestesiólogo.
Y ni que hablar de la recuperación al salir de la sala y al pasar el efecto de la anestesia no sentí nada mas que una pequeña molestia.
I didn't have to take a single painkiller during my entire recovery.
The postoperative care was very simple, you can go home or to the hotel after a few hours.
I decided to spend the night at the clinic for my intervention. I chose the headquarters in Caballito, it is a very cozy old house equipped with all the best for the process and the best care from all the staff.
I had to stay in Buenos Aires for 14 days, during this time the doctor and his team were very attentive in communicating with me and we scheduled two sections to control and remove all the stitches.
Así que si te animas te recomiendo llegues con un día de anticipación.

Omar Gamiz

Soy mexicano mi nombre es Omar Gamiz, les comparto Una experiencia muy favorable, mi esposa Minerva Galindo se atendió unos lunares en el cuerpo con resultados verdaderamente buenos y la atención del doctor Hoogstra y del todo su personal muy buena ampliamente recomendado 💯%, no duden en visitar la página del doctor y darse la vuelta por la ciudad de Buenos aires. Agradecerle al doctor por todas sus atenciones . A mi también me quito una lesiones del rostro y fue sumamente amable, muchas gracias doctor.

Laser eyelid surgery

My name is Yan, I am Asian
Most people fly to Japan or Korea or Thailand for the upper eyelid for Asians
I want to remove as much as fat around my upper eyelids and tightening after
But my eyes are still puffy due to fat
That is amazing! I like the idea of a small incision instead of the big scar actually.
I will prepare and find a good time to come to your place in Argentina

Yan from Asia


Hello Dr Hoogstra, I am writing to you from Miami Florida USA, I found your page searching the Internet for treatments for rosacea since I have rosacea and here in the USA I have not found a doctor or a serious dermatological center that has novel treatments like yours, which I have been able to appreciate in the YouTube videos, I would be interested in an appointment with you but I am far away, do you still have no center here in the USA that I can attend and obtain these types of treatments? I am very interested in them.