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Excellent attention from Dr. Lorena Trodler. I went to remove some warts from my face with the laser treatment. Excellent professional and excellent results! I recommend!. Belgrano branch.

Warts and acne

Very good attention, excellent professionals, I was treated for a wart on my neck and it was removed with a laser at the moment and without pain. I also treated myself for a case of stubborn acne on my back and they gave me treatment with antibiotics and lotion that cured me after suffering from this disease for years. I attended at the Belgrano headquarters that is opposite the Plaza de Barrancas. I did the treatment with Dr. Belén Salvaneschi.

Lotus laser to remove warts

The attention is excellent and they are very friendly. Dr. Lorena Trodler attended me at the Belgrano branch. The Lotus laser treatment to remove warts was great and super fast.


I was treated at the San José de Calasanz 176 branch by the professional Elena Placenti as a result of a skin rash compatible with warts. I was treated in a friendly way by the doctor and her diagnosis was responsible, with future appointments for the treatment. I also received friendly personal and telephone attention from the reception staff on site.