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External Genital Rejuvenation - Augmentation of the Greater Vaginal Lips

Natural aging or thinning can cause the larger vaginal lips to lose their youthful appearance and appear empty and flabby.

Vaginal aging

At Hoogstra Medical Centers we treat aging of the labia majora by providing volume, either with Hyaluronic Acid or with fat from the patient himself. We can also tighten and rejuvenate the skin with Carbon Dioxide Laser as we do with the skin of the face.

Treatment for vaginal lip augmentation

The hyaluronic acid that we usually place is Voluma from the Allergan Laboratory, which lasts for 20 months. This is a quick, simple, painless procedure and the patient immediately continues with her daily and sexual life.

If we choose to perform the auto fat graft and / or a skin rejuvenation with Carbon Dioxide Laser, it is preferable to do it under sedation with an anesthesiologist, this gives the patient greater comfort.
In this situation we suggest not to resume the activity for 24 hours and not to have sexual relations for a week.

Many times we combine in the same procedure a reduction of the labia minora and / or an intravaginal laser treatment to rejuvenate the mucosa and tighten the vaginal walls.

Who is it for?

Many patients choose this procedure after delivery and in pre-menopause as a preventive factor.
With the aforementioned procedures, we get the lips to be full again, we manage to eliminate sagging and improve the quality of the skin.

It is also possible to combine it with a Helios Laser treatment to produce clearance of the genital area.

Patient testimonial

We invite you to watch the following videos with the story of patients who have received this treatment in our Medical Centers:

Vaginal lip augmentation prices

Augmentation of the Labia Majora with adipose tissue, autofat graft: u$d 1,500 (VAT not included).

Aumento de los Labios Mayores con Ácido Hialuronico Voluma: $170.000.

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