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Periorbital wrinkles, commonly called crow's feet, originate from three completely different mechanisms from each other:

  1. The contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle causes wrinkles around the eyes, as time passes these wrinkles transform into furrows and facial depressions.
  2. The skin of the eyelids and periorbital area, like the rest of the face, loses collagen and elastin. This favors the formation of wrinkles that are superficial at first and then deepen.
  3. The effect of gravity causes the forehead and eyebrows to fall on the eyelids, causing wrinkles and an aspect of sadness, tiredness and old age.


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In young patients, the wrinkles formed by the contraction of the orbicularis muscle will only be dynamic wrinkles, that is, as long as the patient does not contract the muscle, the skin will not be wrinkled. But as time goes by, that contraction continues, plus the loss of collagen and elastin creates grooves and depressions around the eyes.

When we apply botulinum toxin to young patients, we avoid or prevent the formation of these grooves and depressions.
If we associate nutritional treatments and photo protection with this, we will be carrying out a preventive anti-aging treatment.

In those patients who, in addition to dynamic wrinkles, have grooves and depressions around the eyes, the combination of procedures is the best option.

In this case we generally associate in a single procedure:

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Patient testimonials

Facial rejuvenation

Excellent facial rejuvenation treatment on cheekbones and chin. I was attended by the Doctor. Very happy with the result!

Patricia Noemí García

Facial fillers

I saw Doctor Hoogstra at the Caballito branch and applied Restylane. I have been very happy with the results, the doctor transmits a lot of tranquility and experience!

Analia Verónica Sánchez

Facial fillers

Excellent everything! Doctor Hoogstra a total genius. He applied hyaluronic acid in the tear canal without any pain and answered all my questions. The charming assistants were very friendly and warm. I will surely return for another treatment. I recommend it 100%!

Lucia Fortino

Facial fillers

Doctor Ricardo Hoogstra is the best thing that happened to me in life 5 years ago, I treat him and do all the treatments he suggests and I always get the best result, feeling younger and with a fresh face!

Alejandra Dellepiane

Facial fillers

Every year I go to the center of Belgrano to make the filling and the results are incredible, Dr. Hoogstra knows that I like that the result is super natural and he respects my decision.

Karen Salaya

Facial fillers

The consultation I made was very clear and I felt very calm with the explanation, the suggestions and advice provided. I did the treatment immediately and it was just as it had been explained to me and with very good results. I feel happy and happy with the result.

Monica Fernández Souto

Scarlet and fillers

My experience with Dr. Hoogstra is excellent. I also performed Radiofrequency treatment and applied hyaluronic acid.

Monica Valenziano

Facial fillers

I felt very contained by Dr. Hoogstra and his medical team. As well as by his assistants in the recovery room and administrative staff.

Andrea Prosdocimo