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What are Fordyce beans?

Fordyce spots or pimples are white spots of about 1 to 3 mm that may appear on the lips, penis, scrotum, or vulva. These beans are technically ectopic sebaceous glands They increase in size and, therefore, can arise at any age, being more frequent at puberty due to hormonal changes. It is not related to HIV, herpes, sexually transmitted diseases, genital warts, or cancer.

What do they look like?

Clinically they appear as multiple papules of 2 to 3 mm in diameter (“pimples”), yellowish-whitish in color, bilateral, and slightly raised.

Fordyce stain photos

Where do they appear?

Fordyce pimples in the mouth usually appear on the upper lip, inside the cheek, or on the gums. In the genital region, mainly in men, the appearance of Fordyce granules in the body of the penis, glans, foreskin or testicles is common. When these glands are visualized around the nipple they are called Montgomery tubers, and when they do it on the foreskin they are called tyson's glands.

Fordyce Grain Treatment with Lotus Laser:

Although in most patients they are asymptomatic, when these pimples are located on the genitals they can cause itching or discomfort in sexual relations; being necessary in some cases to establish a treatment. In this case the best treatment is drainage with Lotus Laser

Fordyce grains: how to remove them?

This intervention does not require anesthesia. Only a micro incision is produced on the gland that allows the drainage of all its contents. After the session you may notice a slight redness or discomfort that last only a few hours, but there are no subsequent scars and normal activities can be resumed almost immediately.

How is the laser treatment?

Sessions cost

The cost is for the treatment is $70.000 per session. Usually several injuries are removed in one session. You can take a turn and attend directly to carry out a treatment.

If you have any questions, you can clarify it first with the same professional. The cost of this dermatological consultation is $20,000 pesos. If you. do the treatment later the value of the query will be discounted.

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