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The normal nipple projects approximately 1 cm from the areolar skin. We call flat, inverted, retracted and umbilicated nipples, to those nipples that do not have the usual conical shape projected outward.

Difference between retracted and inverted nipple

Usually both terms are used interchangeably, however the differentiation is important, since inverted nipples are generally benign. Technically it is called an inverted nipple when the nipple is completely inward of the breast. Instead, "retracted" is used when the subsidence is partial.

How to verify it?

To verify how your nipples are you can look at yourself in front of a mirror, if they protrude approximately one centimeter they are normal. Place your index finger and thumb on the areola and perform gentle massages, if the nipple is projected forward it is a sign of normality, in case this does not happen, it is possible that your nipple is flat. On the other hand, if by massaging the areola the nipple is dipped into the areolar skin, you have an inverted nipple.

Types of retracted nipples

umbilical retracted nipple

  • The flat nipples they do not protrude from the areola nor do they protrude outward when stimulated.
  • The sunken nipples they retract backwards, in the shape of a navel, when they are stimulated.
  • The inverted nipples or umbilicated nipples They occur between 5% and 10% of women, they are also frequent in men.


The causes are congenital due to a shortening of the ducts and fibrotic bands of the breast from birth, or acquired after mastitis, surgery or breast cancer.

Inverted nipple treatment

He Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra Make an incision below the nipple and cut the fibers that pull it inward.
After the release of the nipple some points are made to keep it in its new position and achieve a permanent result.
This is a minimally invasive procedure, it does not leave scars, it is ambulatory and immediate recovery.

Results before and after

Treatment price

The cost of surgery for an umbilicated nipple is u$d 800 (IVA no incluido)

The surgery of the two umbilicated nipples is u$d 1200 (VAT not included)

Procedures facilities and security

In addition to having state-of-the-art medical equipment, we have a complete surgical unit and recovery and hospitalization rooms. The modern surgical room It is equipped with high-level technology and assisted by nurses and instructors specialized in this type of intervention.

The clinic has the approval of the Secretary of Public Health.

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