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Dr. Hoogstra performs a novel video endoscopic technique for the placement of breast prostheses that has the following advantages:

  1. Shorter operating time (30 minutes).
  2. Quick recovery.
  3. Less bruising and edema.
  4. Unnoticeable scars.

Breast Prosthesis placement price

We currently use Mentor or Nagor brand prostheses.

The total cost of breast augmentation surgery is U$D 4,500 + VAT.

The value of the consultation with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra is $60,000 pesos. If you later decide to carry out the treatment, this value will be deducted from the total amount.

If you live in the interior of the country or abroad you can send photos to the email [email protected]. You will be evaluated by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra. You can carry out previous studies at your place of residence and travel with an already established date.

Inputs used

Nagor Enhance: Lifetime Warranty for Nagor Breast Implants.
Nagor Enhance offers an innovative and comprehensive coverage guarantee. The Nagor Enhance program is available at no cost to all patients who have chosen any of the Nagor breast implants.

Nagor is the only British company dedicated to the specialized design, manufacture and supply of high-quality breast prostheses. Our commitment to excellence and confidence in the quality of our products allows us to offer a guarantee of such wide scope.
For more details of the Nagor Enhance program visit

Automatic enrollment to the free 100% implant patient warranty plan. Lifetime product replacement

Before and after images

Experiences of our patients

See our photo gallery with the various sizes to choose the most suitable for you and our YouTube channel on Breast Prosthesis

Patient testimonials

Breast prostheses

I had a breast surgery, excellent treatment with Doctor Hoogstra. Extremely grateful.

Maria Gloria Zingoni

Breast prosthesis

Excellent care, very satisfied with my breast prosthetic operation. Thanks to Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra for his professionalism, knowledge and all the team that accompanies him.

Claudia Margarita Valenti

Breast prostheses and facelift

Dr. Hoogstra has been my plastic surgeon for over 25 years. He was the one who performed the first breast implant surgery until he replaced them this year. 22 years with them!
He gave me a face and neck lift that nobody notices the operation and I feel fantastic. More than an excellent professional and an incredible human being.

Sandra Moras

Breast prosthesis and lipolysis

Dr. Hoogstra is the best professional! And the doctor's team also appreciate all the patience and good treatment!


Frequent questions

Can breast prostheses cause cancer?

So far, all studies show that patients who have prostheses are less likely to have cancer. It must be understood that this is not due to the prosthesis itself. Simply, when a patient requests to wear a prosthesis, we previously do studies and check-ups to see that her breasts are healthy and these studies must continue regularly over time.

Do I have fallen breasts?

If the breasts are small and a little saggy, surely with the placement of prostheses the two problems are solved, volume is added and they rise.

Can you bring my breasts closer together?

Yes, it is possible that they are more together because having more volume with a soutien will see more together. But if we evaluate the breasts without soutien, they will have more volume (with prostheses) but with the same direction or axis that they had before surgery.

Is it better to place the implant behind the pectoral?

At Hoogstra Medical Centers we use the subfacial route (under the fascia of the pectoral muscle). This new route combines the advantages of the submammary and submuscular routes, reduces the unwanted effects of the previous ones and the patient recovers more quickly and with less discomfort. We use video endoscopy, which helps us control hemostasis and dissection of the sub-facial plane.

"Round" or "drop" prostheses?

My suggestion is the round one. There are works that show that the drop-shaped prosthesis can be rotated. The textured prosthesis, high profile and round shape, are for me the most suitable. I use the gout ones in patients who have had their mammary glands removed and have to undergo reconstruction.

Smooth or rough prosthetics?

I started to put prostheses in 1984 and at that time we only had smooth prostheses, the percentage of encapsulation (hardness and breast deformation) represented 60% of the treated patients. For more than 10 years I have been using only textured prostheses and the encapsulation index is less than 3%.

Are the implants definitive?

Breast implants do not have an expiration date once placed. Doing their corresponding medical checks they have no indication to change.

Can they break?

Prostheses can be broken by a sudden blow like a bone can break. Spontaneous ruptures have also been seen but this is very rare. The current prostheses have evolved markedly in their manufacture, they are made with stronger outer layers and filled with cohesive gels. If a person has a prosthetic break, it is advisable to remove it as soon as possible and place new prostheses.

What type of anesthesia will I receive?

The ideal is to perform the surgery with anesthetic sedation (where the patient is asleep under induction). Always assisted by an anesthesiologist and in an authorized center.

Where will I put the prosthetics?

The most used routes are the peri-areolar, submammary and axillary. The choice of the surgical route will depend on the anatomy of your breasts and your areola.

Will you leave me drains?

They are not necessary.

What will I feel after surgery?

The postoperative period is very well tolerated, with moderate pain relievers. You should sit a few hours after surgery, if you don't, at night your back will hurt more than your breasts. It is normal to feel a burning sensation under your breasts as if you had done many abdominals. It is alleviated by placing cold packs.

Do I stay hospitalized or do I go home?

Most of the patients stay in our center approximately 5 hours after surgery.

When can I take a bath?

The day after surgery.

Will I use compression girdles?

No, just anatomical bras.

When can I start working?

At approximately 72 hours.

When can I start doing gymnastics?

Walk on the treadmill gently at 48 hours. Strong gymnastics may start a month.

When can I breastfeed, does having a prosthesis influence?

The placement of prostheses does not influence breastfeeding. If you plan to have a family soon after the placement of a prosthesis, it is recommended that you have a family first and then have surgery.

Doubts and queries

If you have any medical questions, send an email to [email protected]  . In this mail Only medical consultations will be received. Inquiries about shifts, payments and administrative issues are not attended.

If you have questions about the amount of the surgery You can send an email [email protected]  Or by WhatsApp: 0054 9 11 5037 9821

To coordinate operative dates send mail to Josefina Nuñez [email protected] or a whatsapp  005491169459535

By phone on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the following telephone numbers.

  • 0054 11 4 901 6690
  • 0054 11 4 904 3434
  • 0054 11 4 904 0880

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