Patient testimonials

CO2 laser on the eyelids

I want to leave my opinion because when something goes well you also have to say it. In my case, the dr performed a CO2 laser on my eyelids without blepharoplasty, because I have little fat on my eyelids but they already looked tired and droopy. The treatment lasted 3 minutes at most, and after which for 2

Soledad De Leon

Laser scarless eyelid surgery and spot treatment

My arrival in Mexico was smooth, everything in order I have felt very good, just a little occasional burning in the eyes. The truth is that I am very grateful and very happy for the results of the surgery, the results are more than remarkable, I am super happy with my new appearance.

Jorge Gomez

A Great Experience !!

I am from Fort Worth, Texas and am 53 years old. For many years I wanted to remove the bags from my lower eyelids, a more youthful look and remove the dewlap, but I was scared by traditional surgeries that remove skin and can change the natural look of the face. After searching and searching for alternatives I was lucky

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Carbon Dioxide Laser

Hello Doctor, Every day when I look in the mirror I see the fabulous results of the laser on my eyelids and it gives me a lot of satisfaction, that's why I have wanted to tell you for a long time. At first the changes were not so great but the effects continue slowly and without pause. Thank you and we will see each other

Maria Susana
Haedo, Buenos Aires

Lipo laser, eyelid and nose surgery

Hello dr. Hoogstra, I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet to have had the privilege of meeting him and being his patient. Thank you for your kindness, ethics, and professionalism. Thank you again for everything you have done for me and for your valuable recommendations. Now I feel like a beautiful and safe woman.


My lips are beautiful !!!

Hello Dr Hoogstra, What an amazing (yet undetectable) transformation of my face, thank you!

Maureen Gates
Oregon, USA

Plasma rich in stretch marks area of a linear scar on abdomen (prone to keloid)

The truth is that I notice an impressive improvement, the stretch marks are no longer seen and the scar is almost invisible. I appreciate Dr. Hoogstra's attention in applying for this type of injury.

Monica B

Acne Acne Back and Shoulder Treatment

My name is Veronica, I am 34 years old, I suffer from acne, specifically on my back and shoulders, due to an endocrinological problem. I have hyperandrogenism and that makes my sebaceous glands work harder ... I tried thousands of creams, cosmetics treatments and birth control pills to treat me ... none caused the effect that I am having with the Laser Lotus II

Endoscopic Lifting - Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty - CO2 Laser

Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra explained that the excess skin of the upper eyelid was due to a decrease in the forehead. He suggested that I perform a procedure. Endoscopic Lifting, Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty and Pan Facial Carbon Dioxide Laser. During the treatment I was sedated and did not feel anything, except for a small burning that when

Graciela A

CO2 laser eyelid rejuvenation

Dr. Hoogstra only performed laser on my upper and lower eyelids. I don't have surgery. They gave me anesthetic cream an hour before. I only felt a little discomfort during the treatment, then a little burning. I returned to my activities after four days. Notice more softness, smoothness and a fresh skin feeling. I use less

Beatríz M

Scarless eyelid surgery

Dr. Hoogstra performed blepharoplasty on both eyelids, in a few days he was someone else, with a brighter look. Thank you Doctor.

Maria Teresa Rodriguez

Scarless eyelid surgery

I am very happy with the results of the treatments. Excellent atention.

Maria Ester Duarte


I went a while ago and I was treated by Dr. Karina Acuña, I am very happy with the treatment, the incredible kindness of the assistants, and of course the treatments. I recommend this center, for every woman's need to be beautiful.

Veronica Caamano

Liposculpture and eyelids

I had a lipo of the abdomen and an eyebrow and eyelid lift and I am very happy to have encouraged myself, Doctor Hoogstra gives me a lot of confidence and the recovery is fast, painless and just 2 weeks after surgery but the changes are already noticeable and they are totally natural.

Graciela Castellani


Personalized attention by Doctor Hoostra, warmth and excellent attention. Excellent surgery result.

Sandra Karina Díaz

Eyelid surgery and liposuction

I had a blepharoplasty and it was excellent. Without scar and also the treatment of the super professional doctor. Then I came back for liposuction of the legs and abdomen and the results are also wonderful. Everything is quality and super professional. The doctor always takes away your doubts and the post operative was very easy to carry. I will always come back!

Natalia Givonetti

Eyelid surgery

Excellent attention. I had an eyelid surgery with the Doctor, I recommend it.

María Luján Guidi

Breast prostheses and facelift

Dr. Hoogstra has been my plastic surgeon for over 25 years. He was the one who performed the first breast implant surgery until he replaced them this year. 22 years with them!
He gave me a face and neck lift that nobody notices the operation and I feel fantastic. More than an excellent professional and an incredible human being.

Sandra Moras

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty

I had a blepharoplasty on my upper eyelids. I must say that logically, prior to the decision to undergo this procedure, my concerns were heard and I slowly moved towards surgery at the hands of Dr. Hoogstra. The technique is excellent, I had no discomfort, meeting the pre and post surgical guidelines.

Marta Alicia Pérez


My first surgery was performed at the Hoogstra clinic and I continued with others. Very professional, excellent, without words, totally compliant. And I will continue. Regards.

Claudia soler

About Hoogstra Medical Centers

It is a place of human and professional excellence.

Javier Hugo Torrasa


Super recommendable. The treatment of the doctor as the team is very pleasant, always answering all my questions at all times. The clinic very warm, I spent my post operative as if I were at home. As for the result of the operation, more than satisfied! In love with my new body!

Carla Valenti

Breast prosthesis

Excellent care, very satisfied with my breast prosthetic operation. Thanks to Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra for his professionalism, knowledge and all the team that accompanies him.

Claudia Margarita Valenti

Rhinoplasty and abdominoplasty

Dr. Hoogstra operated on me twice. The first was a Rhinoplasty and the second was a Tummy Tuck. Excellent results. I attended in Caballito.

Rosa Valicenti

About the Doctor

Dr. Hoogstra is a simple and highly distinguished professional. It gives you unmatched confidence. Thanks Doc.

Maria Isabel Velázquez

Breast prostheses

I had a breast surgery, excellent treatment with Doctor Hoogstra. Extremely grateful.

Maria Gloria Zingoni

Face surgery

The changes in my person were incredible, after my facial surgery I had no visible pain or scar thanks to the professionalism of Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra. Super recommended place. Thanks for everything.

Gustavo Zoher


He performed microsurgery on the earlobe and it was perfect, I don't even have a scar, very professional; Excellent.

Jessica Occhi

About care

I felt well advised. I highlight the attention and good predisposition of all the staff, especially the Doctor at all times.

Marcia Alejandra Cordero


I was treated at the San José de Calasanz 176 branch by the professional Elena Placenti as a result of a skin rash compatible with warts. I was treated in a friendly way by the doctor and her diagnosis was responsible, with future appointments for the treatment. I also received friendly personal and telephone attention from the reception staff on site.

Rubén Omar Croce

About care

The truth is I am very comfortable. The attention is excellent from the administrative part to the doctors. I am very happy, satisfied and above all confident that I can have the operation with Dr. Hoogstra in the center of Caballito.

Melany Judith Gallardo

About the consultation

Everything ok! Dr. Hoogstra attended me in the Belgrano office.

Juan Mora


Excellent atention. The treatment goes 10 points! Carolina a genius!

Nicolas Ardiles

Technology and attention

Excellent professional. Great human quality. All technology in the best hands. Very good advice with personalized treatment.

Claudia Silvina García

About care

Excellent attention! Dr. Carolina Stella is an excellent professional. Thank you.

Lorena Cáceres

Attention and cosmiatry

I see Dr. Hoostra and Cosmiatra Fabiana, both of excellent human and professional level.

Liliana Rojas

Helios laser treatment

After 7 days going to the indicated medical control, my recovery is perfect. Where it seems that nothing has happened here.

Nelly Persian

Helios Laser Treatment

The attention and treatments are excellent. I see Dr. Elena Placenti at the Caballito Center. In which I carry out a dermatological treatment with Helios II.

Maximiliano Staropoli

Helios Laser Treatment

Very satisfied with the results of the treatment with Laser Helios.

Lorena Suh


Excellent attention, very good professionals. Very serious. Super recommendable.

Fernanda Giachello

Mole laser treatment

I went to Pilar's office for a consultation, and that same day I started the treatment to remove some moles, excellent attention from Dr. Carolina Stella and Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra.

Ilsa Cristaldo

Mole laser treatment

I see Pilar's office with Dr. Carolina Stella. I have already done 5 sessions of Lotus Laser to remove a mole. The treatment is going very well, there is almost nothing left of the mole I had. Very satisfied with everything, attention, explanation, treatment and professionalism.

Roxana Vallina

Lotus Laser Treatment

I am treating with Dr. Lorena Trodler and I am doing a treatment with Lotus II at the Belgrano Center. All very friendly.

Mariana Frias

Lotus laser to remove warts

The attention is excellent and they are very friendly. Dr. Lorena Trodler attended me at the Belgrano branch. The Lotus laser treatment to remove warts was great and super fast.

Yamila González

Warts and acne

Very good attention, excellent professionals, I was treated for a wart on my neck and it was removed with a laser at the moment and without pain. I also treated myself for a case of stubborn acne on my back and they gave me treatment with antibiotics and lotion that cured me after suffering from this disease for years. I attended at the Belgrano headquarters that is opposite the Plaza de Barrancas. I did the treatment with Dr. Belén Salvaneschi.

Ricardo Maidana

Lotus Laser Treatment

I was attended by Dr. Lorena Trodler, Belgrano branch. Very good attention, attentive, professional. Very friendly. Lotus treatment.

José Martínez Cona

Lotus laser treatment

I found the site by searching the internet and bet on the Lotus with Dr. Lorena Trodler. The truth is that I received very friendly attention, but above all, very professional and human. I am very satisfied with the results of the treatment and I will continue to trust this group of professionals.

Laura Sanchez

Botulinum toxin

I have been a patient of the Dr. Ricardo Hoostra Center for years, I recommend him 100% as he is an ideal professional, and of a human quality like few others, as well as all the equipment that accompanies him. Thank you for making me feel good in every consultation! In my last consultation, Dr. Hoostra attended me personally to do botulinum toxin in 3 areas.

Isabel Besatto

Laser treatment

I went to the center of the Caballito branch to undergo a laser treatment for skin problems. I was attended by Dr. Lorena Páez Bogado, a dermatologist specialist. The experience could not be better. From the first telephone contact, the receptionists and the professional who attended me, everything was of the utmost excellence. The doctor kindly answered all my doubts and the procedure does not hurt at all. It is a fully recommended medical center.

Maria Cañero

About care

Excellent attention from Dr. Florencia Galván, a genius, I highly recommend her and the place is impeccable seriousness, commitment and cleanliness.

Luciana Gimena Huertas

Acne with Lotus Laser

Yesterday I started acne treatment with Lotus. I am waiting for the results, but I saw the videos of previous treatments and I am sure it will work. The attention is excellent. I am attending the Hoogstra de Caballito clinic with Dr. Elena Placenti, a very good professional.

Bethlehem Palatnik

Lotus Laser Treatment

Excellent service, very nice place, all top quality. Doctor Elena Placenti attended to me. Very friendly the treatment did not hurt at all. I made the Lotus laser the truth very satisfied with everything.

Milagros Quispe Rojas

Lotus laser treatment

The quality of the Hoogstra Center is excellent. I have been attending since February with Dr. Florencia Galván at the Caballito branch and it is incredible what improved my skin. Eternally grateful! Today I came to do a session of Laser Lotus and it went very well.

Nicolas Rojas

Nevus treatment

Excellent atention. It was quick to get an interview. I was treated at the horse station with Dr. Migliavacca, ask about a nevus. I get very good advice and in the same week I have a turn to start the nevus extraction treatment.

Rosalía Sánchez

Mole treatment

Well the truth was my first time and my topic is a mole on the face and I already knew that in the Hoogstra Medical Center it has very good references and the ability to eliminate by laser. I decided to start my treatment to eliminate and I am really very happy. The treatment is very warm and good. I hope to finish in the same way that I would assure you. To people who have not been treated I recommend doing it. Thank you very much.

Jean Carlos Alexis Vargas Sánchez

Laser scar treatment

I was treated with Dr. Agustina Bennesch, who is treating me with a Lotus and Helios laser scar. Very satisfied with the evolution and professional treatment.

Hernán Martínez

Permanent hair removal

I see Dr. Karina Acuña at the Caballito branch. I recommend it for any treatment!

Melissa von Zehmen

Skin blemishes

Today was my first consultation and melasma treatment with Dr. Hoogstra in Belgrano. Very good attention. We continue treatment to remove my spots. Regards.

Carolina Diaz


I am doing onychomycosis treatment on toenails with Dra Graciela Migliavaca, with great success, with 5 laser applications I am almost cured, in the center of Caballito.

Marcela Carpenter


Excellent attention at all times by everyone. I visited the clinic located in Caballito, very good treatment, especially by Dr. Graciela Migliavacca who was the one who attended me and performed the treatment against onychomycosis with Helios II and FOX 3 that treat mycosis of the fingernails. and feet with a 90% of therapeutic effectiveness.

Rosa Ramona Pintos

Radio frequency with microneedles

I recommend the Center, I attended with Dr. Trodler at the Belgrano headquarters, very good attention, she explains all the treatment and what are the best options for your case in particular. I performed radiofrequency with microneedles.

Greece Vigo Rojas


Excellent attention at all times by everyone, I visited the clinic located in Caballito, very good treatment, especially by Dr. Graciela Migliavacca who was the one who attended me and performed the treatment against onychomycosis with Helios II and FOX 3 that treat mycosis of the fingernails and toenails with a 90% of therapeutic effectiveness.

Emmanuel David González


I want to thank Dr. Lorena Páez Bogado from the Caballito branch for her excellent care, very kind. I started treatment for onychomycosis with laser I am very happy, because they will be able to solve a problem that has not had improvements until now. Thank you!

Analía Haro

Radio frequency with microneedles

I had a microneedle radiofrequency treatment with Dr. Elena Placenti during 2018. There were approximately four sessions and the result was very good regarding the tightening of the skin on the face. The device is called Scarlet. I was very satisfied.

Gabriela Alperovich


Neat, container, efficient. All kind and careful. Dr. Agustina Bennesch attended me at the Caballito branch, applying radiofrequency with microneedles for my rosacea (and perhaps with an anti-aging effect!). The professional answered questions that arose in the days after the consultation with Dr. Hoogstra, she explained the mechanics and that she could have some discomfort (they were minor). It is a process, I already have a turn for the next application. And I will wait patiently for the results.

María Del Pilar Martínez


Excellent attention! I am attending the Caballito Branch, with Dr. Florencia Galván and I am performing the Scarlet treatment, Radiofrequency with Micro-needles for scars. I love the clonic and the people who work in it, and I feel very comfortable when carrying out my treatment.

Araceli Quispe

Scarlet and fillers

My experience with Dr. Hoogstra is excellent. I also performed Radiofrequency treatment and applied hyaluronic acid.

Monica Valenziano

Hifu and radiofrequency

I did two treatments at the Caballito branch, one of radiofrequency with microneedles with Dr. Bennesch, of whom I highlight her attention and dedication. And many months after Ultraformer with Dr. Hoostra, the result was very good! I recommend them.

Analia Civale

Facial fillers

The consultation I made was very clear and I felt very calm with the explanation, the suggestions and advice provided. I did the treatment immediately and it was just as it had been explained to me and with very good results. I feel happy and happy with the result.

Monica Fernández Souto

Facial fillers

Every year I go to the center of Belgrano to make the filling and the results are incredible, Dr. Hoogstra knows that I like that the result is super natural and he respects my decision.

Karen Salaya


Dr. Hoogstra treated me, operated on my eyelids. I was very satisfied, I recommend it.

Gabriela Basaldella

Facial fillers

Doctor Ricardo Hoogstra is the best thing that happened to me in life 5 years ago, I treat him and do all the treatments he suggests and I always get the best result, feeling younger and with a fresh face!

Alejandra Dellepiane

Facial fillers

Excellent everything! Doctor Hoogstra a total genius. He applied hyaluronic acid in the tear canal without any pain and answered all my questions. The charming assistants were very friendly and warm. I will surely return for another treatment. I recommend it 100%!

Lucia Fortino


Liposuction carried out in 1996. Excellent results, very satisfied, Thank you very much.

Maria Garcia

About the Doctor

Dr. Hoogsrta is the best professional I have ever met, both as a surgeon and as a human being. I always recommend it. Thank you.

Nélida López

Face lift

The facelift in addition to being painless has a natural and rejuvenating result, not faces made with a seal or a scared face. Adorable administrative staff. Josefina and Estela genias. Doctor congratulate you. Would go back again. It totally removed a hideous caesarean scar that disfigured my abdomen. I carried her for 40 years. You did it. In addition a very solution human being. I recommend it.

Raquel Graciela Navarro

Facial fillers

I saw Doctor Hoogstra at the Caballito branch and applied Restylane. I have been very happy with the results, the doctor transmits a lot of tranquility and experience!

Analia Verónica Sánchez

Attention and results

My experiences were always excellent! I only have thanks to Dr. Hoogstra for his professionalism and human quality, always guiding me correctly to my requirements with results that left me absolutely satisfied. All the staff with a very friendly, warm and professional treatment.

Saracho dance

Facial rejuvenation

Excellent facial rejuvenation treatment on cheekbones and chin. I was attended by the Doctor. Very happy with the result!

Patricia Noemí García


A site of excellence where the science, consciousness and professionalism of Dr. Hoogstra and his team gave a definitive solution to my rosacea. Thank you.

Susana Angelina Seijas

Tattoo removal

A few months ago I started the tattoo removal treatment with Dr. Carolina at the Pilar headquarters, the results are very good! And the Dr. is always very attentive, she asks me how the days after the session were and how the tattoo evolved.

Micaela D Ángelo

Tattoo removal

Excellent results of tattoo removal. Excellent atention!

Florence Gonzalez


Super recommendable. He went to the center in Pilar, I saw Dr. Carolina Stella. I started the treatment to remove a tattoo. Excellent care and results.

Tamara Konzen

Tattoo removal

The attention was very good, Dr. Carolina Stella took care of me and I did a tattoo erasure.

Anibal Ramos

Tattoo removal

I meet Dr. Lorena Trodler, very professional and the place is very nice. I am already seeing the results, they are very flexible with the schedules as well. The girls at the reception have some sweets. As the signal does not reach the office they put wifi for the waiting room, very good.

Maria Jasmine Alcala

Tattoo removal

I am doing a tattoo blot in the center of Belgrano with Dr. Lorena Trodler. Excellent attention, treatment and patience. I feel very comfortable when I go. Like the secretary, very kind and friendly.

Alejandra Batista


I am removing a tattoo with Dr. Belén Salvaneschi in the center of Belgrano. She is super friendly, I asked her other questions that she solved for me, and she even indicated facial creams. As for the laser, it is completely painless. It is necessary to approach before so that they apply an anesthetic cream in the area.

Adara Fernández

Tattoo removal

Excellent atention! I attended with Dr. Lorena Trodler in Belgrano. I had the tattoo blot done.

Nicole Gaccetta


I give it 5 stars for the great attention in the administration and professionalism of Dr. Florencia Galván in the Caballito offices, where I am performing the removal of a tattoo. I recommend it, thanks Hoogstra Medical Center.

Alexis Cardozo

Tattoo removal

I had never been to the Hoogstra Caballito center, but I chose it because it seemed a very serious place and the price was adequate. The treatment I did was a laser tattoo removal. The convenient thing is that you can take turns online. I went and Dr. Lorena Páez Bogado attended me promptly and was very kind. I will be back next month for another session without a doubt.

Bernarda Francesconi

Tattoo removal

I started the tattoo removal treatment. I see Dr. Páez Bogado at the Caballito headquarters. Excellent care very agreeable to follow the treatment. Also very good attention by the administrative part very friendly.

Analia Rivalta


I attend to a deletion of tatoo with Dr. Placenti and with Dr. Bennesch on a horse. I'm doing very well, the results are being noticed and the doctors are very kind and understanding. Excellent atention.

Laura Samanta Vecchiarelli


Excellent attention, I attended with Dr. Placenti at the horse branch, for the tattoo removal treatment, I am still in treatment and everything is going very well.

Nicolás Zacarías

Focused Micro and Macro Ultrasound

I am in treatment with Doctor Lorena Páez with UF by prescription of Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra at Calasanz headquarters. Both excellent professionals. Many thanks.

Elsa Wittmann


Dr. Carolina Stella was very detailed, kind and professional, she performed micro and macro ultrasound focused on the eyelids.

Barbara Cattáneo

Body hifu

I was treated by Dr. Stella Carolina, a specialist in dermatology, and I had an ultrasound in the thigh area, in the center located in the pillar. I recommend it a thousand times.

Laura Mariani


I thank both Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra and Dr. Lorena Trodler for the warm attention and professionalism they have always provided me.

Valeria Prina


Excellent attention from Dr. Lorena Trodler. I went to remove some warts from my face with the laser treatment. Excellent professional and excellent results! I recommend!. Belgrano branch.

Florence Schrohn

Foreign testimonies

Laser eyelid surgery

The surgery was fantastic. The postoperative was more complicated for me because I did not rest any, I moved as if I had nothing, that made recovery take a little longer but it was perfect. All people tell me how well you have eyes! how good are you! and I see them much better.


Neck liposuction

I cordially greet Dr Hoogstra as well as his staff. Today it was 2 months after my neck liposuction, I lost 7 kg with the diet and I think it looks better. The hyperpigmentation of the contour of my eyes and cheekbones is disappearing by itself and I think in a few weeks it will be gone

Elena Pittock

Laser scarless eyelid surgery and spot treatment

My arrival in Mexico was smooth, everything in order I have felt very good, just a little occasional burning in the eyes. The truth is that I am very grateful and very happy for the results of the surgery, the results are more than remarkable, I am super happy with my new appearance. Really

Jorge Gomez

A Great Experience !!

I am from Fort Worth, Texas and am 53 years old. For many years I wanted to remove the bags from my lower eyelids, a more youthful look and remove the dewlap, but I was scared by traditional surgeries that remove skin and can change the natural look of the face. After searching and searching for alternatives I was lucky

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

My lips are beautiful !!!

Hello Dr Hoogstra, What an amazing (yet undetectable) transformation of my face, thank you!

Maureen Gates
Oregon, USA

Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty and CO2 Laser

All excellent, I am very satisfied. Congratulations!

Mario Vazquez

Breast prosthesis and lipolysis

Dr. Hoogstra is the best professional! And the doctor's team also appreciate all the patience and good treatment!


Helios Laser Treatment for Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

I found Dr. Hoogstra one day surfing the internet. I contacted him by phone for hyperpigmentation on his face and after a few weeks I already made a trip to Buenos Aires from Asunción. I did 6 sessions of Helios II with his Staff who attended me formidably and now I am returning extremely excited to see


Eyelid Surgery

I visited the most prestigious plastic surgeons in Paris and they all offered me the conventional eyelid surgery to remove skin and leave a permanent scar.

I found Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra looking for more information online and discovered that he developed a technique to rejuvenate the eyelids without removing skin.

His technique was published in prestigious specialty magazines, which gave me confidence to travel.

I had surgery and I am happy with the result obtained, natural and without scars.

I recommend that you travel and have surgery with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra, and Buenos Aires is a beautiful city.





Hello Dr Hoogstra, I am writing to you from Miami Florida USA, I found your page searching the Internet for treatments for rosacea since I have rosacea and here in the USA I have not found a doctor or a serious dermatological center that has novel treatments like yours, which I have been able to appreciate in the YouTube videos, I would be interested in an appointment with you but I am far away, do you still have no center here in the USA that I can attend and obtain these types of treatments? I am very interested in them.

Laser eyelid surgery

My name is Yan, I am Asian
Most people fly to Japan or Korea or Thailand for the upper eyelid for Asians
I want to remove as much as fat around my upper eyelids and tightening after
But my eyes are still puffy due to fat
That is amazing! I like the idea of a small incision instead of the big scar actually.
I will prepare and find a good time to come to your place in Argentina

Yan from Asia