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Professional recognition

Dr. J. Peter Rubin

Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra: I agree with Renato Saltz on the importance and contribution that his work has made to ISAPS News.

Dr. J. Peter Rubin
ISAPS News Editor

Dear Ricardo, thank you for your excellent contribution to international plastic surgery. I ask you to present more topics for the ISAPS congress in Miami 2.018, which we believe will be the largest in history.

Dr. Renato Saltz
ISAPS President

Ricardo Hoogstra is one of the pioneering professionals in his specialty. He knew how to make available to those interested the most advanced and innovative proposals developed in the scientific world. His communication skills make patients feel safe in decision making.

Pedro Marcet
Presidente at Marcet & Asociados SA

Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra is a great professional as well as a great person. Specialist in training doctors for the use of different types of lasers. In my case I was formed by Dr, who provides all his knowledge openly and with great professionalism. It has allowed me to share different workshops for exchange with

Dra. Nora Exposito
Director of the Dermatológico Estético Beauty Center - Argentina

I appreciate the opportunity provided by Dr. Hoogstra in his clinic in Buenos Aires for receiving training in the knowledge and handling of the Helios II equipment and its many uses. I reiterate my thanks for Dr. Hoogstra's knowledge and experience in this state-of-the-art laser technology.

Dr. Horacio Botello
Aesthetic doctor - Panama

Ricardo is a great friend with whom I had the experience of training in different types of laser. The combination of application of these technologies in our surgical fields is very wide and opens up the panorama of treatments, this concept dominates it and transmits it perfectly without any reservation.

Dr. German Vargas
Plastic Surgeon - Director of the FILACP New Technologies Committee - Guatemala

Dr Ricardo Hoogstra is one of the pre-eminent plastic surgeons in Argentina. As a pioneer in laser surgery, I have organized international medical / surgical conferences in Buenos Aires. He has traveled all over the world to further educate himself and enhance his surgical skills. He is a compassionate doctor and I highly recommend him.

Dr. Joop M. Grevelink
MD, PhD, Director Boston Dermatology & Laser Center - Board Certified Dermatologist of Harvard Medical School

Ricardo is the finest example of a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is well spoken, well read, and has excellent surgical skills.

Dr. Daniel M. Calloway
Plastic Surgeon at Calloway Plastic Surgery and Mayo Clinic USA

Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra is an excellent trainer for lasers. As a practicing Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Hoogstra understands the needs of his trainees and gives very useful information. In addition to giving the necessary details while teaching lasers, Dr. Hoogstra gives the special pearls needed to get the best results from his trainees.

Dr. Steven Shapiro
Co-Director, Gardens Dermatology - Professor, University of Miami

Dr Jella Endre

Dear Ricardo, I have known you for years, both recently graduated, and I know everything you incorporated day by day and without ever stopping, from classic cosmetic surgery to the use of the most varied lasers with always creative and innovative proposals.

I have sent you with all the peace of mind in the world to my most beloved patients and you have also helped me to maintain a little better what the years mercilessly take away... ha ha...

I want to thank you because each patient sent comes back happy, without exaggerated treatments, always with a fresh and natural appearance, through multiple creative procedures that you apply simultaneously seeking the harmony and freshness of each face.

I take this opportunity for the first time to publicly express my gratitude for your work with my patients and friends and also with me over all these years. You never failed us, you deserve the recognition that you reap everywhere today.

A huge hug, your friend and colleague Jella Endre, dermatologist.

Dra Jella María Endre