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What is acute acne?

The typical presentation of acne is the appearance of open and closed comedones. They can be added later inflammatory lesions like papules or pustules. When healing, injuries can leave scars over-raised or depressed.

Studies indicate a high correlation between acne, low self-esteem, shame, anxiety, depression, and social disorders, particularly social isolation.

Acute acne should be taken seriously and not allowed to progress. It can be stopped and damage to the skin and psyche can be avoided.

Types of acne

Comedonic acne

It is characterized by the presence of open comedones, classic black dots. Closed comedones with a barely noticeable hole are also observed, which are elements of 1 to 3 mm. diameter, white surface, covered by epidermis. Both lesions form the basis of acne, from which subsequent inflammatory phenomena occur.

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Acne Papule - Pustular

It is characterized by the presence of papules, from 1 to 5 mm. in diameter, red and pustules.

pustular acne photo laser treatment argentina

Cystic acne

Nodules that are inflammatory lesions larger than 5 mm are seen. in diameter and cysts. The nodules are formed when the inflammation occurs at a deeper level and iInvolves various hair follicles. These tend to leave scars.


The pilosebaceous unit is made up of the hair follicle and the gland (Figure 1). Acne is caused by obstruction of the Pilosebaceous unit. This obstruction retains sebum produced by the sebaceous gland and keratinized cells of the hair follicle. Excess sebum production usually begins around

FIGURE 1 - Diagram of the pilosebaceous unit

the nine years of age stimulated by a greater production of adrenal androgens, and is accompanied by a higher rate of desquamation of the squamous epithelium that covers the interior of the follicle. In this way, the follicular ostium (the entrance of the follicle) is obstructed first microscopically (microcomedón).
As sebum production continues, the follicle widens until it forms the basic acne lesion: the comedone. The oxidation of the fat that makes up the comedo darkens it, acquiring the usual appearance of the "black spot".
If the broadening of the follicular ostium is proportionally less than the broadening of the interior of the follicle, the plug is not visible and the lesion is visualized on the skin as a "white point".

1. This obstruction favors the proliferation of the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, which contributes to trigger the inflammatory process of the tissues involved, mediated by immune cells: CD4 T lymphocytes and neutrophils, which infiltrate the area and cause disruption of the follicular wall , causing the content of the follicle (lipids, cellular components and bacteria) to spread to the surrounding dermis.

2. The composition of the sebum, which contains a large amount of free fatty acids, together with keratin, contribute to the inflammatory process.

3. The local inflammatory response is accentuated with the mediators released in this process: cytokines, peptides and others, causing the appearance of papules. Greater inflammation leads to the formation of pustules, and its extension leads to the formation of cysts.

FIGURE 3 - Lotus II. Zoom handpiece. 2mm spot

4. The nodules form when the inflammation occurs at a deeper level and involves several hair follicles. These tend to leave scars.

Is the Lotus II Laser effective on all types of acne?

In cystic and pustular acne, a 1 to 2 mm zoom handpiece is used first, with which all cysts and / or pustules are perforated. This facilitates the drainage of the content, generating a bactericidal effect and allowing the penetration of drugs. Figure 4 shows the effect of the Lotus II with a 2mm zoom handpiece. You can see in the central and lower part of the sample, the absence of tissue produced by laser drilling and the collagen contraction around it.

FIGURE 4 - Lotus II. Zoom handpiece. 2mm spot

These Histopathological studies were carried out by Dr. Cristina Corbella, Dermatopathologist. This treatment is fast, painless and with quick recovery. It has no contraindications or adverse effects. Its application hardly produces a slight redness and does not leave inflammations or bruises. The patient withdraws as soon as the session ends, allowing his immediate social and occupational reintegration. These treatments can be performed throughout the year, even in summer, with the sole precaution of adequate photoprotection.
Another technology that is revolutionizing the treatment of acute acne is the Scarlet, novel radio frequency with micro needles.

Patient testimonial

Acne with Lotus Laser

Yesterday I started acne treatment with Lotus. I am waiting for the results, but I saw the videos of previous treatments and I am sure it will work. The attention is excellent. I am attending the Hoogstra de Caballito clinic with Dr. Elena Placenti, a very good professional.

Bethlehem Palatnik

Warts and acne

Very good attention, excellent professionals, I was treated for a wart on my neck and it was removed with a laser at the moment and without pain. I also treated myself for a case of stubborn acne on my back and they gave me treatment with antibiotics and lotion that cured me after suffering from this disease for years. I attended at the Belgrano headquarters that is opposite the Plaza de Barrancas. I did the treatment with Dr. Belén Salvaneschi.

Ricardo Maidana

Acne Acne Back and Shoulder Treatment

My name is Veronica, I am 34 years old, I suffer from acne, specifically on my back and shoulders, due to an endocrinological problem. I have hyperandrogenism and that makes my sebaceous glands work harder ... I tried thousands of creams, cosmetics treatments and birth control pills to treat me ... none caused the effect that I am having with the Laser Lotus II

Acne: Before and After

Acne treatment

Laser lotus

Through the Light energy of Laser lotus They manage to drain purulent lesions and improve the quality of the skin.

Patients report that they quickly see improvements in the quality of the skin and restore their confidence and self-esteem.


    • lotus acne  $50.000 la sesión
    • Lotus acne with lesion drainage $60.000 la sesión


Cost of this facial procedure: USD 2,500 (IVA no incluido) pack de 4 sesiones que se realizan en un intervalo de 1 sesión por mes. Lo realiza el Dr.Hoogstra con evaluación previa.

To see videos and results with this technology Enter here


    •  Facial $35.000
    • Cheeks $20,000
    • ½ face $20,000
    • Cara-cuello $55.000
    • Cara-cuello-escote $60.000

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