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The abdominoplasty achieves a flatter and firmer abdomen and a narrower waist.

How is tummy tuck surgery?

In the abdominoplasty a small incision is used (its size depends on the amount of tissue to be resected), above the pubis, an incision around the navel is not necessary, which in some cases can be lowered by stretching the skin. The skin is then separated only between the incision and the navel, the excess skin is removed, and sutures are made.

What type of anesthesia is used in the operation?

In this case you can use Local anesthesia more or epidural anesthesia, so that during surgery you will be awake but relaxed, and the abdomen region is insensitive to pain (sometimes you may feel some discomfort).

For whom is abdominoplasty intended?

Those who could undergo a tummy tuck are those women or men who have a relatively good silhouette but who are concerned about fat accumulation or excess skin on the abdomen and that there is little chance of improvement despite a good diet or physical exercise. This surgery is especially useful in women who have had various pregnancies, after which, the skin and abdominal muscles have relaxed and have not recovered their initial tone.

It can also improve the loss of skin elasticity in older people, a situation frequently associated with moderate obesity. Those patients who are very overweight should postpone surgery, As well as patients who intend to have future pregnancies, since during surgery the vertical muscles of the abdomen are tightened and can relax again during the course of it.

If there are previous scars on the abdomen, this surgery may be contraindicated or the scars may change position. In other cases, this surgery manages to eliminate them.

Postoperative and recovery

Generally the patient wanders around 24 hours. and it is removed from our Center a few hours after the intervention. During the first days the abdomen is usually somewhat swollen and some discomfort or pain can be noticed that is controlled with medication. Even though you may not have to fully stretch at first, you should start walking as soon as possible. Strong exercises should be avoided until one is comfortable.. The bandage will be replaced by an abdominal girdle.

Patient experiences

Rhinoplasty and abdominoplasty

Dr. Hoogstra operated on me twice. The first was a Rhinoplasty and the second was a Tummy Tuck. Excellent results. I attended in Caballito.

Rosa Valicenti


Procedures facilities and security

In addition to having state-of-the-art medical equipment, we have a complete surgical unit and recovery and hospitalization rooms. The modern surgical room It is equipped with high-level technology and assisted by nurses and instructors specialized in this type of intervention.

The clinic has the approval of the Secretary of Public Health.

Abdominoplasty Price

The cost of the operation varies according to the extension and complexity. It will be evaluated directly by Dr.Ricado Hoogstra in order to determine its value. The consultation has a cost of $60,000 pesos, which will be refunded if the surgery proceeds.

Doubts and queries

If you have any medical questions, send an email to [email protected]  . In this mail Only medical consultations will be received. 

To coordinate operative dates send mail to Josefina Nuñez [email protected] or a whatsapp  005491169459535

By phone on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the following telephone numbers.

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