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The face begins to show signs of aging when wrinkles become more pronounced, the furrows deepen, the branch of the jaw loses definition, the cheekbones lose volume, the neck loses definition and gains volume, the lips become thin and lengthened and the eyelids have bags and excess skin.

When this process begins and its signs are incipient, it is feasible to treat it conservatively or minimally invasively.

If you notice that your face has lost the shape of the oval, that the branch of the maxilla has lost definition and that you have a significant excess of skin and fat on your neck, you probably need a face lift.

face lift

This procedure repositions the structures, the face recovers its oval and the patient gains freshness and youth.

The face and neck lift is performed with local anesthesia and sedation, mostly on an outpatient basis. The approximate time to resume the activity is 10 days.

Generally to achieve a natural, pleasant and harmonious result, the face and neck lift is associated with other procedures such as:

Face lift Price

The value of the consultation with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra is $60,000 pesos . If you later decide to carry out the treatment, this value will be deducted from the total amount.

The cost of face and neck lifting is u$d 6,500 (VAT not included) .

Duration of the procedure

The surgery time is approximately 90 minutes. The time of stay in the clinic approximately 6 hours.

This treatment is carried out by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra in Hoogstra Medical Centers Caballito branch.

Facelift before and after

In these patients we can see how the replacement of facial structures provides harmony, youth and beauty to the face. The results are natural because the only thing that is sought is to recover its previous state.

In the following example, in the pre-treatment image, it is shown how in the aging process, facial structures are losing definition and the face takes on the appearance of a square rather than an oval.

The oval is youth, the square shows us the laxity of the superficial and deep structures and the displacement of these tissues from the face to the neck. In the postoperative photo the patient recovers the shape of the oval. This is accomplished through a replacement of the superficial (skin) and deep facial structures (muscles and fascia).

In the following photos, a face and neck lift and laser lipo of the maxilla and neck were performed on the patient. We can observe the naturalness of the result and the absence of visible scars. No filling of the nasal lip grooves was performed, which would have further improved the result obtained.

In most of these patients, filling of the nasolabial and chin grooves was also performed. In the aging process, most of the structures of the face move downwards, while the facial centers deepen, this is caused by reabsorption of the bones.

It is for this reason that most of the time we do a facelift we must use fillers, which can be used many times before surgery to delay the facelift. Sometimes they can be done during the procedure as we did with these patients and other times they are done postoperatively.

Opinions of our patients

Face lift

The facelift in addition to being painless has a natural and rejuvenating result, not faces made with a seal or a scared face. Adorable administrative staff. Josefina and Estela genias. Doctor congratulate you. Would go back again. It totally removed a hideous caesarean scar that disfigured my abdomen. I carried her for 40 years. You did it. In addition a very solution human being. I recommend it.

Raquel Graciela Navarro

Breast prostheses and facelift

Dr. Hoogstra has been my plastic surgeon for over 25 years. He was the one who performed the first breast implant surgery until he replaced them this year. 22 years with them!
He gave me a face and neck lift that nobody notices the operation and I feel fantastic. More than an excellent professional and an incredible human being.

Sandra Moras

Doubts and queries

If you have any medical questions, send an email to [email protected]  . In this mail Only medical consultations will be received. Inquiries about shifts, payments and administrative issues are not attended.

If you have questions about the amount of the surgery You can send an email [email protected]  Or by WhatsApp: 0054 9 11 5037 9821

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