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Permanent hair removal with Supra IPL

Our Medical Centers and team of dermatologists have more than 15 years of experience in permanent hair removal. Today we are pleased to offer you a new depilatory system that allows us to treat hair more effectively, quickly and painlessly.

You can take your turn via the internet WITH THE DERMATOLOGISTS at any of our branches and go directly to perform a treatment. This procedure is performed by dermatologists in the 3 centers.

You can take a turn and go directly to perform a treatment. If you have any questions, you can clarify it first with the same professional.

The cost of the dermatological consultation is $10,000 pesos, if you. carry out the treatment then the value of the consultation will be discounted.

If you. If you have any medical questions, you can write to us in advance by sending an email to [email protected] Only medical consultations will be received here. In this email, inquiries about shifts, payments and administrative issues are not answered.

Prices Hair removal with Supra IPL

Lower abdomen $ 5.200
Upper abdomen $ 5.200
Forearm $ 5.200
Armpits $ 4.400
Arm $ 7.800
Brazo Hombre $ 9.000
Down $ 4.000
Full Face Woman $ 7.800
Face Man $ 6.600
Extended digging $ 6.600
Normal dug $ 5.200
Tail $ 5.200
Anterior or posterior neck $ 5.200
Back of fingers / toes $ 5.200
Back back $ 9.500
Frown $ 4.000
Buttocks $ 9.000
Half face $ 5.200
Half leg $ 5.200
Cheeks $ 5.200
Chin $ 4.400
Thighs $ 7.800
Sideburns $ 4.400
Man chest $ 9.000
Peri areolar $ 5.200
Periumbilical $ 5.200
Whole leg $ 9.000
Pubis $ 5.200
Lumbar region $ 5.200
Malar region $ 5.200
Sacral region $ 5.200
Knee $ 5.200
Supra + Infra umbilical (Supra $2000 only)  $ 9.000
Intermammary sulcus $ 4.600

More information

SUPRA-IPL removes unwanted hair in motion and progressively.
It acts directly on the hair follicle, achieving the fastest and most effective hair removal. 
It reaches speeds of up to 10 shots per second, as opposed to a traditional IPL system that fires 1 shot at the same time.

It is painless:
Eliminates wavelengths that do not produce depilatory effect and do produce pain.

It is effective:
Conventional IPLs have painful, harmful, and ineffective wavelengths. The SUPRA IPL, with a power greater than conventional IPL, transforms these lengths into painless and useful for hair removal, making it the most effective equipment for hair removal on the market.

Extra benefits:
It stimulates collagen, improving the texture and quality of the skin in the treated area.

All skin types, all year round:
The treatment can be carried out with precautions, on all skin types, throughout the year.

Summary of Benefits:
• Excellent results.
• Eliminates Folliculitis.
• Painless.
• Any body area can be treated in a short time.
• Can be applied to all skin types.
• More effective.

Preparation for treatment

Optimal hair preparation for treatment with SupraIPL It consists of shaving it with a razor or depilatory cream. Start-up methods such as waxing, tweezers, and electric epilators should be avoided. It is suggested to start shaving 15 to 20 days before the first session and to go to the office with a hair length of 1 to 3mm.
It is important to take care of the skin with sun protection, before and after each session. 
The number of sessions is on average between 6 and 8 depending on the area to be treated and the density of hair in each patient, the interval between them being 30 to 40 days.

You can go directly to perform a treatment with the hair prepared in the manner indicated in the previous point.

Videos with patient cases

We invite you to watch the videos on our YouTube channel with the account of patients who have received this treatment, entering here: Permanent hair removal

Patient testimonials

Permanent hair removal

I see Dr. Karina Acuña at the Caballito branch. I recommend it for any treatment!

Melissa von Zehmen

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