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Eyelid surgery - Blepharoplasty

To this day, eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty is still performed in the same way as it was originally performed. Many surgeons in recent years are focused on removing less skin from the eyelids and forehead.

The Argentine Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra, a pioneer in minimally invasive eyelid rejuvenation , has proposed not removing any skin since 1994. He ensures that the forehead, eyebrows, eyelids and malar region can be rejuvenated and tightened. without removing skin and without leaving visible scars.

His technique was published in the most prestigious magazines of the specialty, his work and career is recognized by international societies and doctors from all over the world travel to learn this procedure at his clinic in the city of Buenos Aires.

To achieve natural results, beautify the expression of the eyes and rejuvenate the eyelids, Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra developed non-invasive techniques and perfected the use of lasers and other technologies.

Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra talks about a new paradigm that will change eyelid surgery. This new paradigm consists of rejuvenating and tightening the tissue instead of drying and damaging it.

It emphasizes and ensures that from the malar region to the insertion of the hair, there is no need to remove more skin, this will not only help obtain more natural results, it will also avoid scars and the most frequent complications that Blepharoplasty produces.

Limitations of Traditional Surgery

Irreversible damage caused by conventional Blepharoplasty.


Despite its long history, traditional blepharoplasty has faced significant criticism due to several limitations:

  • Accelerated Aging: Recent studies, such as the one conducted by Rohrich and Villanueva in 2018, have suggested that conventional blepharoplasty can accelerate the aging process. 
  • Removing skin from the eyelids  produces potential damage to the underlying structure.

    But this skin resection of the lower eyelid generates negative, descending vectors. This descending vector produce an open Eyelid, Scleral Show and Ectropion. The technique which develop Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra avoid this sides effect., produce a natural results and improved the quality and rejuvenate the eyelids and malar area.

  • Unsatisfactory Aesthetic Results: Research conducted by Rohrich and Rog in 2004 has indicated that conventional blepharoplasty often produces unsightly results. Patients may experience a sad appearance, fatigue, and even premature aging after the procedure, in addition to the presence of scars.

    This photo of a recently operated patient demonstrates what Dr. Hoogstra claims. On the upper eyelid we see extensive scars, absolutely unnecessary, given that this skin can be rejuvenated and tightened with the technique proposed by Dr. On the lower eyelid we also see an extensive scar and an open eye. In the future, this patient will require a restorative technique to solve the complication caused by Resectiv.a Blepharoplasty.


Innovative Approach: Blepharoplasty Without Skin Resection

Blepharoplasty without skin resection developed by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra represents a significant change in the way upper eyelid surgery is approached. Instead of following the conventional approach of removing excess skin, this technique focuses on preserving the integrity of the skin and surrounding tissues to achieve more natural and harmonious results.

Preservation of Facial Structure

Resective Blepharoplasty dries out skin and often the orbicularis oculi muscle, which has the function of closing the eye.

This treatment can lead to complications mentioned in all books on the specialty, such as sclera show, ectropion, problems with eye occlusion, lowering of the eyebrows, among others.

Hoogstra technical blepharoplasty does not remove or damage any tissue, on the contrary it nourishes and rejuvenates it through the light action of the Carbon Dioxide Laser, micro-focused ultrasound and radiofrequency with Microneedles.

The Dr. Hoogstra assures that the face cannot be rejuvenated if the Laser technique is not used.

It can be seen on the internet that many propose Laser eyelid surgery, but the laser is used to cut the tissue and not in the rejuvenation mode.

Surgical schools train surgeons to use the scalpel and remove skin, to date there is no school that teaches how to use technology to rejuvenate

This is going to be a fundamental and essential change when approaching any facial rejuvenation.

Reduction of the Risk of Complications and time of evolution

By minimizing manipulation of the skin and tissues, this technique reduces the risk of surgical complications, such as hematomas, visible scars or asymmetries. Additionally, by not requiring extensive sutures or removing large areas of skin, recovery time is shortened and postoperative discomfort for the patient is reduced.

More Natural and Long Lasting Results with laser blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty without skin resection allows the surgeon to more precisely address the patient’s aesthetic concerns, such as excess fat and sagging skin, without compromising the natural facial appearance. As a result, patients can expect longer-lasting results and a fresh, rejuvenated appearance that suits their unique anatomy.

Technical blepharoplasty by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra:

  • It is performed with local anesthesia and sedation.
  • Procedure time 30 minutes.
  • Time in the clinic 3 hours.
  • Being a quick procedure, requiring only local anesthesia and sedation, makes this procedure very safe.
  • By not removing skin or damaging tissue, it reduces hemorrhages, hematomas, seromas, healing alterations, alterations in the normal function of the eyelid such as eye closure.
  • By not giving sutures or having to remove stitches, patients can quickly reintegrate into their socio-laboral activity, and patients from within and abroad can immediately return to their place of origin.


Backed by Research and Clinical Experience

Dr. Hoogstra ‘s approach is based on decades of clinical experience and continued research in the field of plastic surgery. His techniques are backed by scientific studies and have consistently been shown to provide safe and effective results for his patients.

Academic works

International recognition

Dr. Hoogstra’s contributions to plastic surgery have been recognized worldwide. His innovative approach has received praise from the medical community, including leaders of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons , for his contribution to the improvement of surgical procedures.

Conventional surgery has changed in most fields of medicine, cardiovascular surgery, abdominal surgery, large cuts in the abdominal wall are a thing of the past, today there are practically no scars due to the use of the endoscope, patients recover very fast and low complication rate.

Why does eyelid surgery remain the same as what was performed hundreds of years ago?

We must super-specialize, we cannot be good at everyfield of plastic surgery and we must use technology.

Technology represents an important and continuous investment, given that new and better equipment appears every year.

But the health of our patients is worth becoming a specialist and investing in technology.

Surely a procedure that uses technology has a higher cost, but in the end it ends up being much more economical, due to recovery times, results and reduction in complications.

Accurate Diagnosis: Key to Success

Understanding Peri-Orbital Aging

The periorbital area is one of the first to show signs of aging. However, identifying the exact causes of this process can be challenging. Dr. Hoogstra points out that, in many cases, brow descent is the main factor contributing to the aged appearance of the upper eyelid.


All of them have a descent, a very important fall of the eyebrow, like the one we can see in the drawing. The queen and the actors have natural aging produced by the lowering of the tail of the eyebrow. This descent can be represented in the drawing, this fall of the eyebrow produces an appearance of sadness, tiredness and old age. The images on the right also have the same appearance, they are young patients who were aged by the resection of the eyelid skin that produced a greater lowering of the eyebrows., with an agrabant that the rescection of the skin, muscle and eyelid fat pads also generated and sunken eyelid.

Importance of Eyebrow Descent

Brow descent is the real culprit behind upper periorbital aging. When the eyebrow descends, it drags the skin of the upper eyelid with it, creating the illusion of excess skin. Therefore, correcting this descent becomes the key to achieving optimal and natural aesthetic results.

Resecting the skin of upper eyelid generate the opposite.Acelerate the ageing process by pulling more down the tail of the eyebrow.


In her youth she had the tail of her eyebrow (black dot) above her head. In the photo on the right we can see that in her old age the tail of her eyebrow is well below her head. What would happen if we removed skin from the Queen’s upper eyelid? Very simply, we would lower her eyebrow more. If we perform this treatment on a younger patient, we will greatly accelerate the normal aging process.


Wrong diagnosis leads to wrong treatment.

If we interpret that the upper eyelid has excess skin, we are going to remove it and produce what we already said.

Now, if the upper eyelid really appears flaccid and aged and the tail of the eyebrow is in a youthful position, we also do not have to remove skin. If it is sagging, we have to tighten it; if it is aged, we have to rejuvenate it. And we achieve that if we know how to use the Carbon Dioxide Laser, and this takes many, many years of experience. I started in 1994 with dermatologists from Harvard University, and in these 30 years, I acquired great experience in its use.

The new paradigm is skin tightening and skin rejuvenation instead of skin resection.

Any degree of flaccidity of the periorbital area can be tightened and rejuvenated with laser.

From the malar area to the scalp, it is never necessary to remove skin or leave visible scars.

This is my legacy to plastic surgery.

My commitment is to train medical doctors around the world to perform this procedure and help many patients who suffer from conventional eyelid surgery.

Advanced Technique: Elimination of Adipose Bags

Addressing the Main Problem

Fat bags in the upper eyelid are a common concern for many patients. These bags can make the eyes appear tired and aged, significantly affecting overall facial appearance.

Innovation in Laser Eyelid Surgery

The technique developed by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra offers a precise and effective solution to eliminate these fatty bags. Through a minimal incision, the surgeon accesses the fat pockets and carefully removes them, thus restoring youth and vitality to the look.

More Natural and Long Lasting Results with laser blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty without skin resection allows the surgeon to more precisely address the patient’s aesthetic concerns, such as excess fat and sagging skin, without compromising the natural facial appearance. As a result, patients can expect longer-lasting results and a fresh, rejuvenated appearance that suits their unique anatomy.

The most important thing when we are going to rejuvenate the periorbital area is to work on the expression of the look.Always we must to get a rested, natural and youth expression.

It is impossible to get this removing skin.The key is reposition the eyebrow if it is necessary.Always tightening and rejuvenating the periorbital skin with laser and removing the eyelid fat pads without living scars.

Minimum Recovery Time

Thanks to its precise and less invasive surgical approach, patients experience a faster recovery time and less post-operative discomfort. This means they can return to their daily activities promptly, enjoying the results of their surgery in no time.

Security and Trust

Backed by years of experience and numerous success stories, Dr. Hoogstra’s fat pad removal technique provides patients with the security and confidence needed to embark on their aesthetic transformation journey. With predictable and satisfactory results, they can face the future with a radiant new outlook. Blepharoplasty: before and after These are the results of some of our patients. You can see more than 1.000 educational videos and what patients say about this procedure.

Eyelid surgery price

The cost of it is u$d 3,000 (VAT not included) .

Patients from various countries have shared their experiences with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra’s technique.

Additional information for international patients:

Patients from abroad can schedule a video conference with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra.The cost of a consultation or video conference is $100, which will be deducted from the procedure cost if the patient decides to proceed.

If they decide to travel for treatment, they are required to undergo pre-surgical studies. If these are satisfactory, they receive pre- and post-operative instructions along with a scheduled surgical date. Patients must arrive in Buenos Aires one day prior to the procedure. For eyelid procedures alone, the length of stay is typically 3 to 4 days.

For those also undergoing an invisible forehead lift, a recommended stay of 7 to 9 days is advised.

Patients undergoing full face rejuvenation are recommended to stay for 14 days.

We also provide airport pick-up and accommodation assistance.

For information on procedure costs, please contact Jose Luis Silvestre via email or WhatsApp.

For scheduling appointments, consultations, procedure details, and additional information, please contact Josefina Nuñez.

For medical professionals interested in training in this procedure, the clinic offers a full-day immersion session in this and other treatments. Please contact Josefina Nuñez for details.

Blepharoplasty: before and after

These are the results of some of our patients.

Patient opinions

Hundreds of patients from Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, among others, have already visited us and these were their results.

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Doubts and queries

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1 ) Consultation and programming process:

  • Patients can only communicate via messages.
  • A response will be provided within 48 to 72 business hours.
  • The option is offered to request a video conference with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra for a cost of $100. This option is especially useful for patients traveling from within the country or abroad, as it allows them to obtain a surgical date after evaluation.

2)Preoperative evaluation:

  • Before scheduling surgery, all relevant pre-surgical studies will be requested to evaluate your suitability for the procedure.

3)Preparations for surgery:

  • All patients must be in Buenos Aires the day before surgery in the morning to complete the surgical forms at the clinic.
  • Surgeries begin at 6:30 am, so it is recommended to complete any administrative procedures the day before.
  • Patients are scheduled one hour before the procedure to take photographs and clarify any outstanding questions.

4)Estimated recovery time:

  • For eyelid surgery, a post-surgical stay of 48 to 72 hours is recommended.
  • For an invisible facelift, a stay of approximately 7 days is recommended.
  • For comprehensive facial rejuvenation, a stay of approximately 14 days is recommended.

5)Postoperative follow-up:

  • During the surgery, Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra’s cell phone number will be provided for consultations about your progress and to send photos, every day of the week, including holidays.
  • Contact will continue after your return to your country, as necessary.