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Eyelid surgery - Blepharoplasty

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Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is an operation that seeks to reverse the drooping of the eyelids and may involve removing excess skin, muscle and fat. Over time, the eyelids stretch and the muscles that support them lose firmness. This is why an excess of fat can accumulate in the upper and lower part of the eyelids, causing sagging eyebrows, drooping of the upper eyelids and bags in the lower part of the eyes.

Blepharoplasty without surgery

Blepharoplasty without surgery is performed with carbon dioxide laser technology. This is responsible for destroying the keratinocytes of the skin, which generates a skin tightening instantly, achieving an effect ""lifting ”of eyelids without surgery.

According to the experience of Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra, removing skin from the upper eyelid generates in most patients a decrease in the eyebrows, creating a sad, tired and aged look. Eliminate excess Skin and scarring on the lower eyelids produces in many patients functional and unsightly deformations.

This is why, the Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra developed in 1995 a technique that rejuvenates the eyelids using laser technology without surgery, which does not leave scars and does not remove skin. This avoids the unnatural results and complications of conventional surgeries.

Solution to droopy eyelids without surgery

To treat lower eyelid pouches an incision is made in the conjunctiva, and on the other hand, that of the upper eyelids Through a small incision in the inner corner of the upper eyelid, it does not require suturing.

Blepharoplasty transconjunctival laser 

Skin rejuvenation is performed with a Micro Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser (Firexel) . This tool has a skin analyzer that allows us to adapt the parameter to each type of skin. Transconjunctival laser-assisted blepharoplasty does not dry out skin and avoids many of the unwanted effects seen with the conventional technique. This laser-assisted operation rejuvenates the eyelids, preserving normal anatomy and leaving a fresh, natural look and without surgical stigmas.

Operation of droopy eyelids

Today we also use Ultrasound for tighten the skin of the eyelids and the rest of the face, neck and neckline. HIFU produces results that can be seen immediately after the procedure is performed without skin damage and without recovery time. But the most significant results occur as time passes, reaching its maximum effect 60 days after the procedure.

How does the carbon dioxide laser work in the eyelid lift ?.

The light energy of Firexel removes superficial layers of skin aged by sun damage and over the years. On the surface of the skin it eliminates spots, dark circles and wrinkles. In the depth of the tissue it produces a heating and stimulation of the elastic and collagen fibers, producing a tightening effect on the skin.

Carbon Dioxide Laser-assisted eyelid surgery requires a new type of operator training. Hoogstra Medical Centers offers refresher courses to national and foreign doctors who want to enter this field.

Ultrasound allows us the following advantages:

  1. Leaves no scars.
  2. Always natural result.
  3. It does not damage muscle structures like the conventional technique does.
  4. Ultrasound and Carbon Dioxide Laser rejuvenates all the skin on the eyelids.
  5. Less edema.
  6. Fewer bruises.
  7. Quick reintegration into work.
  8. It does not lower the eyebrow as the conventional technique does.
  9. It improves the expression of the gaze.

Advantages of carbon dioxide laser for eyelid rejuvenation

  • Conventional eyelid surgery is based on the resection of a very small portion of eyelid skin while the rest is left untreated.
  • He Firexel Micro Fractional Dioxide Laser It allows a comprehensive rejuvenation of the skin of the upper and lower eyelids and if necessary the rest of the face in the same operative act.

Alternative procedures for the rejuvenation of the eye and its contour.

Sometimes, excess skin on the upper eyelid is the result of drooping eyebrows, in which case the indication could be the use of Botulinum toxin or a Endoscopic lift of the forehead, nose and eyebrows.


The intervention is performed with local anesthesia and sedation. The patient wakes up immediately after completing the procedure and retires to his home a few hours later.  All interventions are performed with local anesthesia and sedation, which provides safety and comfort. Sedation is performed by the anesthesia manager at Hospital Fernández or another doctor on his team.

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Duration of the procedure

The residence time in the Clinic is approximately 3 to 4 hours. The duration of procedure is approximately 30 minutes. Surgery and postoperative are not painful. This surgery, in addition to leaving no visible scars, produces fewer edema and bruising than traditional eyelid surgery. Patients traveling from the interior of the country or abroad must be the day before surgery and may return 48 or 72 hours after surgery. Patients from all over the world travel to Argentina to undergo surgery with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra.

Postoperative blepharoplasty

  • You can resume normal activities the day after surgery.
  • You can resume physical activities, such as running or yoga, one week after surgery.
  • You can resume intense fitness activities such as weights or high-impact cardiovascular exercise 4 weeks after surgery.

Eyelid surgery prices

The cost of it is u$d 2.500 (IVA no incluido) . El Valor de la consulta es de $10.000 pesos. Si decide realizar el tratamiento se descontará este valor del monto total.

Blepharoplasty: before and after

These are the results of some of our patients.

Procedures facilities and security

In addition to having state-of-the-art medical equipment, we have a complete surgical unit and recovery and hospitalization rooms. The modern surgical room It is equipped with high-level technology and assisted by nurses and instructors specialized in this type of intervention.

The clinic has the approval of the Secretary Public Health.

Opiniones de pacientes

Cientos de pacientes de Argentina, España, México, Colombia, Brasil, entre otros, ya nos han visitado y estos fueron sus resultados.

  • Excelente trato al paciente , sin anestesia general. Rápida recuperación del paciente !! Nivel de lo mejor
  • El Dr Hoogstra es un genio, y una persona excepcional. Comprensivo y con un trato cálido y afectuoso conoce la necesidad del paciente y le da las mej... Read more
  • Asistí al centro médico Hoogstra para retirarme un lunar. Desde el primer momento me sentí muy cómoda y confiada por la profesionalidad y calidez ... Read more

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