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Laser treatment in vascular lesions of the testicle and penis

Vascular dilation of testicular skin can be treated with a laser just like that of the rest of the body. Vascular lasers with wavelengths between 980 and 1,064 nm produce rapid and effective remission. The laser light is absorbed by hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin from the blood, so the vessels can be coagulated under the skin, without damaging it. Thus, the spider mite is “erased” gradually. Red polka dots or ruby nevi usually disappear with a single session. Spider veins and vascular lesions usually disappear in one or more sessions.

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Price of laser treatment in vascular lesions of the testicle and penis

The cost of the intervention is made with prior evaluation of the Dr. Hoogstra. The query value is $60,000 pesos which are reimbursed in the total amount of the procedure.

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