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Skin Tumors

Liquid silicone injection granulomas


Liquid silicone, despite being prohibited as a filler, continues to be used and we continue to see the serious effects it produces on the physical and emotional health of patients treated with this product.

Clinical picture

Liquid silicone has been considered an inert material for the body, which is absolutely wrong. This component produces large inflammatory processes of varying intensities, which ends in severe damage to the underlying tissues.

The damage that silicone produces in the tissues is clinically manifested by redness, change in temperature, change in skin color and granulomas.

Liquid silicone is a product that migrates, that is, if it is placed on the buttocks, over time it will lodge in the sub-gluteal grooves, producing aesthetic deformities in this area. When placed on the lips, it produces an increase in the overall volume of the lips and after a while it lodges in the lower part, giving an unnatural appearance.

Correcting these deformities represents a challenge for the treating professional and what was performed at one time as a simple and harmless procedure aimed at beautifying, ends up resulting in amputation surgery of anatomical structures.

For years we have treated hundreds of patients who have come looking for a solution. The therapies used have been very varied, according to the existing problem and the affected area.


The following are some of the treatments we carry out in Hoogstra Medical Centers.

1) Cutaneous Micro perforations with Lotus Laser.

No anesthesia of any kind is used, it is painless and produces immediate and definitive relief from symptoms and signs.
It consists of making a micro perforation of 1 to 2 mm through which the liquid silicone drains, on the second or third day the micro perforation closes on its own and there are no traces of the treatment.
It is indicated in recent granulomas in which there is still no great inflammatory process and fibrosis.
When we achieve the spontaneous drainage of the silicone we can say that we achieve a total and definitive cure.

2) Fox 980 nm laser and aspiration with Micro cannulas.

When all the tissue is affected, when silicone infiltrates vast areas, one of the resources we use is the introduction of a 1 mm laser fiber. Thus we seek to internally dissolve the capsules and aspirate the silicone with micro cannulas.

3) Reconstructive-Aesthetic Surgery.

They are intended to improve the aesthetics of the anatomical areas where silicone is found: Lips, glutes, eyelids and breasts, are the most treated anatomical areas.

4) Scarlet, Radiofrequency with Micro needles.

This innovative system is used to externally dissolve micro granulomas that we could not treat with the Lotus Laser.

5) Immunosuppressants and steroids.

They are also used in special situations and with great caution due to the side effects they can cause.

If you. you have granulomas from the injection of Liquid Silicone or Polymethylmethacrylate and you want to be treated in our Centers, you have to take an appointment with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra.

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