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How hyperpigmentations or dark spots of the skin produced after a carbon dioxide laser rejuvenation treatment are produced and how they are treated.

The carbon dioxide laser is one of the most effective tools for skin rejuvenation.
Its tiny beam penetrates the skin like thermal columns to the deep dermis.
Heating of the deep dermis increases collagen production, with an increase in skin tension and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles observed within a few days.
At the level of the epidermis, it produces a superficial ablation with the elimination of actinic macules, solar keratosis, attenuation of the pores and reduction of acne scars.

Clinical Picture

This thermal heating can cause hyperpigmentation in some dark-skinned patients.
This situation is not considered a complication but rather an unwanted, transitory and reversible effect.
Every patient who goes through this situation suffers anguish and thinks that this will last forever.
Carbon dioxide laser treatments have been performed at Hoogstra Medical Centers since 1995 and permanent hyperpigmentation has never been recorded in the hundreds of patients treated.

For 6 years, new carbon dioxide lasers have been used which are called "micro fractionated", which means that they leave a space of healthy skin between one thermal column and the other, allowing this unwanted effect (hyperpigmentation) to be less frequent.


In 2012, a new technology was incorporated into all our Centers, the Helios laser (ND Yag 1064 – 532), which removes skin blemishes.
The light energy of the Helios laser is absorbed by the pigment (spot). This produces vaporization of it.


The Helios laser does not irritate the skin, it does not cause redness, and after each session the patient immediately continues with his activity.
You will notice that with each session the skin becomes lighter and after a couple of sessions it returns to its normal color or slightly lighter and brighter than it originally was.
The Helios laser is specially designed to remove all kinds of skin blemishes as well as tattoos of all kinds of color.

Patient testimonial

We invite you to watch the following videos with the story of patients who have received this treatment in our Medical Centers:

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