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How can we get lips that look natural and sensual?

Lack of volume, shape and wrinkles are the main aesthetic problems of the lips.

Fillers are the simplest tool with the shortest recovery time to give them shape and volume and reduce wrinkles.

It is important, however, that the treating physician has knowledge of the different types of existing filler materials, ability to apply them and great aesthetic sensitivity.

Facial fillers: What you need to know before doing a treatment

At Hoogstra Medical Centers, the placement of fillers and the application of botulinum toxin (like all surgeries) are performed by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra.

Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra uses only two types of fillers.
1) Autologous, the patient's own fat autograft.
2) Heterologous or synthetic, of which only hyaluronic acids are used

Unfortunately, many patients come to our Centers reporting that they placed hyaluronic acid, and when asked how long it took since the placement, many times indicate a much longer time than they last in the body.

Currently, unfortunately, some medical and non-medical professionals continue to make fillers with prohibited products such as silicones. This leads to great physical deformations, damage to the health and psyche of the patient. This damage is permanent and irreversible. Silicones migrate and produce those typical facial and lip deformations.

If you see a deformed lip or a deformed face, it is very likely that a prohibited product has been placed on it.
Hyaluronic acids and botulinum toxin should be applied exclusively by plastic surgeons who have a greater understanding of the anatomy of the body.

The application should be done slowly and progressively so that the patient is accompanying the subtle changes that occur.

If the procedure is performed in this way, the results should always be natural and the patient would notice an improvement immediately after application.

In our center it is very rare to see a hypercorrection, but if this were to occur, first you have to wait about 30 days because it is probably a small inflammation, which is based on soft massages that the same patient performs.

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More information on hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is present in the human body and this makes it the safest filler on the market and it could be confirmed that it is practically free of complications.

Rejection of hyaluronic acid by the patient usually results from the use of a low-quality brand.

It is common to receive patients who underwent treatments in other centers and report that it lasted only a couple of months.

This is because they got low quality hyaluronic acid.

What is hyaluronidase?

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme, a catalyst, that breaks the hyaluronic acid molecule and breaks it down, leading to its reabsorption and disappearance.

How long does it work?

A frequently asked question is how long does the product take to reabsorb?
As long as a second session is not required, the product will disappear in less than 24 hours.

Videos with patient cases

We invite you to watch the videos on our YouTube channel with the account of patients who have received this treatment, entering here: Lip Filler

Patient testimonials

My lips are beautiful !!!

Hello Dr Hoogstra, What an amazing (yet undetectable) transformation of my face, thank you!

Maureen Gates

Lip Filler Treatment Cost

La aplicación de una ampolla de Ácido Hialuronico en labios tiene un costo de $130.000.

Lips aesthetics is performed by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra in the 3 branches.

The value of the consultation with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra is $30.000 pesos. If you later decide to carry out the treatment, this value will be deducted from the total amount.

Doubts and queries

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