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Helios Laser Treatment

Currently the most effective and safest treatment is the one performed with Helios Laser, with which the injury can be eliminated in a completely painless way, leaving healthy and healthy skin. The light energy of the laser is absorbed by the pigment, which is denatured without causing damage to neighboring tissues.

This condition consists of Hyperpigmented Macules (dark spots) that affect the face. It consists of several hyperpigmented patches with poorly defined edges symmetrically distributed on the face.

The forehead, cheeks, upper lip and chin are the most affected areas. The color can vary from different shades of brown to black. Sun exposure increases the degree of pigmentation. The darker pigmentations occur on the bony prominences of the forehead and cheekbones, which receive greater solar radiation.

Melasma is seen more frequently during pregnancy or when the patient takes contraceptives, but it can also appear at menopause and in men. If the patient did not contract it during pregnancy or does not take contraceptives, it must be ruled out that she does not have any ovarian disease.

The most modern and effective technology at present for the treatment of this resistant and recurrent pigmented lesion is the Helios ND Yag microfractioned laser.

Helios II has been specially designed to treat Melasma and all kinds of pigmented lesions throughout the year and even on dark and tanned skin.

Helios is a Micro Fractionated Nd: YAG Q SWITCHED Laser that uses DEO (diffractive) technology which was invented and patented by Laseroptek in 2009.

The diffractive technology divides the energy emitted by the laser into 81 stable and uniform microdots that increase the therapeutic effect without the complications that are common in other systems.

While many pigmented hand and face injuries are removed in a few sessions, the same is not true for melasma. It takes an average of 10 to 15 sessions with intervals of 7 to 15 days between one and the other to achieve partial or total remission.

This treatment must always be accompanied by photo protection every 4 hours. and suspend contraceptives.

Helios Laser Melasma Treatment Price

El costo de cada sesión es de $20.000.

The recommended interval between sessions is 15 days, it can also be weekly or monthly.

The number of sessions depends on the depth in which the pigment is housed and can range from 6 sessions or sometimes reach 20.

You will not only be able to perceive an attenuation of the spots but also an improvement in the overall quality of the skin and a rejuvenating effect.

This procedure is performed by dermatologists at the 3 centers.

You can take your turn online WITH DERMATOLOGISTS at any of our branches and attend directly to carry out a treatment.

Videos with patient cases

We invite you to watch the videos on our YouTube channel with the account of patients who have received this treatment, entering here: Melasma

Patient testimonial

Skin blemishes

Today was my first consultation and melasma treatment with Dr. Hoogstra in Belgrano. Very good attention. We continue treatment to remove my spots. Regards.

Carolina Diaz

Helios Laser Treatment for Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

I found Dr. Hoogstra one day surfing the internet. I contacted him by phone for hyperpigmentation on his face and after a few weeks I already made a trip to Buenos Aires from Asunción. I did 6 sessions of Helios II with his Staff who attended me formidably and now I am returning extremely excited to see


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