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Milium Cysts Treatment

Removal of Milium cysts with Lotus laser

Milium cysts are small whitish pellets of around 1mm in diameter that appear spontaneously on the cheeks and more frequently in the area around the eyes.

Milium cysts come out due to obstruction of the so-called "pilosebaceous follicles".

They generally appear spontaneously.

They are frequent in newborns and usually disappear on their own.

In older children, adolescents and adults they usually persist and are often unsightly.

A quick, effective solution without skin damage is the treatment with Laser Lotus.

Patient experience

Treatment price

The cost is $90.000 per session. This treatment is carried out by our team of dermatologists en nuestros centros médicos es costo de la consulta es $20,000 pesos.

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This treatment is carried out by our team of dermatologists in our 3 centers.

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