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Skin Tumors

Contagious mollusks


Clinical picture

It is characterized by the appearance of scattered papules on the skin with a size less than 5 millimeters domed and umbilicated in the center, flesh-colored and pearly in appearance.

They are not painful, but they are itchy, and scratching can lead to infection.
The most frequently affected areas are the neck, eyelids, trunk and upper and lower limbs.
Scratching not only leads to infection of these lesions, but also spreads the virus to other parts of the body.
Molluscum contagiosum is a disease that usually heals on its own, in a period of approximately 2 years.



It is done with liquid nitrogen applied to each lesion for a few seconds. Then the application sessions should be repeated every 2 to 3 weeks as deemed necessary. The disadvantages of this technique are pain, hyper or hypo pigmentation and that it can leave a scar.

Podophyllin and podophyllotoxin

In podophyllin, tincture should be applied to 25% in alcohol, with a frequency of once a week in each lesion. This method can cause local side effects, such as erosion of the surrounding healthy skin or systemic damage such as kidney disease, neuropathies, paralytic ileus, leukopenia, etc.

Lotus laser

The Erbium Lotus Laser is the most effective technology, less painful, with immediate recovery, better tolerated by the patient and that provides positive results without leaving sequelae or tissue damage.

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