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Types of surgeries on female genitalia

Shortening of the greater genital lips

Labia majora shortening is a laser treatment aimed at reducing the length of the labia majora.

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Increased labia majora

Treatment without surgery to prevent aging or thinning of the labia majora

See >>>Increased labia majora


Bartholin gland cyst removal

See >>>Bartholinitis

Lichen sclerosus or scleroatrophic

Technique to eliminate white spots in the vulvar or perianal area

See >>>Lichen sclerosus or scleroatrophic

Laser labiaplasty

Laser technique to improve the appearance of the vagina

See >>>Laser labiaplasty

Inverted or umbilicated nipples

Surgery to correct sagging nipples

See >>>Inverted or umbilicated nipples


With age, the vaginal area loses tone and firmness and the distance between the anus and vagina shortens.

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Labial and vular cysts

They are caused by a blockage of the sebaceous gland ducts.

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Female genital rejuvenation with rich plasma

Treatment without surgery to improve the appearance of the female genitalia

See >>>Female genital rejuvenation with Rich Plasma


One of the most frequent consultations among women due to the absence of pleasure in sexual relations.

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