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Ultrasonic peel + Gentle chemical peel + deep hydration

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It combines the benefits of ultrasound and galvanic current. This activates the revitalization process of the skin and the metabolism of stem cells. It also protects the skin from aging and loss of moisture and helps the active principles of the products we use to penetrate more deeply, returning a more luminous and elastic skin.

Peeling for Sensitive Skin

Performs gentle peels removing dead cells from the stratum corneum, achieving a luminous appearance and healthy skin in a few minutes. Unlike chemical peels and dermabrasion, ultrasonic peels do not irritate the skin and can be used on any phototype throughout the year. By removing keratin and toxins, the ultrasonic peel facilitates the penetration of hydronutrients.


Peeling for sensitive skin, post-sun treatments, photoaging, acneic skin.

Post-Solar Treatments

It has an exfoliating spatula, these successfully remove the horny layer, immediately granting the lush appearance of the skin and the attenuation of spots.

Before and after ultrasonic peeling treatment

skin peeling resultsPatient testimonials

Price of peeling treatment

The value of the treatment is $3.000.

Doubts and queries

These procedures are performed Fabiana Bisignano, Specialist in Cosmiatrics:

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