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Complications of cosmetic nasal surgery, non-surgical correction

One of the most frequent complications that we see in nasal cosmetic surgery is the excessive resection of nasal cartilage. The depressions and asymmetries produced by the excessive resection of nasal tissue is difficult to correct.

Cartilage grafts must be performed that can be extracted from the ears or costal cartilage or from the nasal septum. These nasal surgeries are open, you have to make an incision in the columella and take off the entire nasal cover. Once the tissue deficiency has been identified, the grafts are placed to restore harmony and shape. These are complex surgeries and they don't always work well.

Today we have a new non-surgical alternative.

We can fill in tissue deficiencies with the placement of hyaluronic acid. This is an outpatient procedure with no recovery time, it is done in the office.

Hyaluronic acids last approximately 14-20 months in the cartilage deficiency area.

Non-surgical correction of complications in nasal cosmetic surgery

Non-surgical rhinoplasty or remodeling without nose surgery, allows you to improve the shape of your nose without undergoing invasive surgery, obtaining faster results, with less healing time and practically without pain. This novel technique allows modeling the nose through an outpatient procedure that is performed in the office with local anesthesia, achieving excellent natural results, improving the patient's physiognomy, being able to continue their daily activity the next day.

With non-surgical rhinoplasty we can model the ala cartilage, project the nasal tip, correct deficiencies of the nasal dorsum. It is also possible to improve the nose-lip relationship, working on the projection and the nasolabial angle.

What does the treatment consist of?

With this technology we not only improve the aesthetics of the nose, but also the lips. As people age and the tip of the nose drops. This technique allows us to lift it and improve the aesthetic relationship with the lip. The same occurs in very young patients who have practically no lip because the long nose eliminates the beauty that the mouth could have.

With this technique it is possible to:

  • Raise the nasal tip in young patients and in those in whom it has decreased over the years.
  • Correct unsightly deformations in patients who have undergone surgical rhinoplasties and who are not satisfied with the result.
  • Give volume to the back.
  • Project the tip of the nose.
  • Improve the angle between the lip and the nose.

With this technique it is not possible to:

  • Narrow bones of the nose, correct a wide nose.
  • Improve respiratory insufficiencies.
  • Take out a very prominent back.

Patient testimonials

Rhinoplasty and abdominoplasty

Dr. Hoogstra operated on me twice. The first was a Rhinoplasty and the second was a Tummy Tuck. Excellent results. I attended in Caballito.

Rosa Valicenti

Lipo laser, eyelid and nose surgery

Hello dr. Hoogstra, I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet to have had the privilege of meeting him and being his patient. Thank you for your kindness, ethics, and professionalism. Thank you again for everything you have done for me and for your valuable recommendations. Now I feel like a beautiful and safe woman.


Nose surgery price without surgery

The value of the query with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra is from $60,000 pesos. If you later decide to carry out the treatment, this value will be deducted from the total amount.

Hyaluronic Acid for the nose: price

The cost is $85.000 by each blister of Hyaluronic acid Which is placed.

When they are defects of the nasal dorsum, Voluma, a Hyaluronic Acid whose duration is more than 20 months, is usually placed. When the defects are in the nasal wings, Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra usually places a Restylane ampoule, which lasts a little more than 14 months.

This procedure is performed by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra in his 3 centers in Caballito, Belgrano and Pilar, Buenos Aires.

Generally at the time of the consultation you can carry out the treatment.

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