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When the frenulum is too short it restricts the movement of the foreskin, which causes discomfort during sexual activity.

It is normal to confuse the short frenulum with the concept of phimosis, but it's not the same. With a simple examination, it will be possible to determine what your pathology is and propose the pertinent solutions.

What happens if the man's frenulum is cut?

If the penis is erect and the frenulum is too short it causes the head of the penis-glans to deviate downwards. This causes pain, difficulty in penetration and can even cause tears and bleeding. These tears when healing can shorten the frenulum more and aggravate the situation.

Frenuloplasty: short frenulum operation

He Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra performs this procedure under local anesthesia, which is very well tolerated by the patient. After the anesthesia is applied, a minimal incision of the frenulum is made with a Carbon Dioxide Laser. Next, 3 resorbable points are given which fall off on their own after 14 days. The procedure takes 10 minutes. Once completed, the patient continues his normal life. The procedure is not painful, nor is the recovery. It is recommended not to have sex for 20 days. After this the patient will have a normal life and sexuality.

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Price of short frenulum laser treatment

The cost of the Short Frenulum Laser treatment is or$d 600 (VAT no Included). 

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