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When the frenulum is too short it restricts the movement of the foreskin, which causes discomfort during sexual activity.

Understanding the short frenulum: beyond phimosis

If the penis is erect and the frenulum is too short it causes the head of the penis-glans to deviate downwards. This causes pain, difficulty in penetration and can even cause tears and bleeding. These tears when healing can shorten the frenulum more and aggravate the situation. It is common to confuse the short frenulum with the phimosis, but they are different conditions. A simple examination allows you to identify the specific condition and offer appropriate solutions.


Short frenulum can lead to a number of additional complications and problems, including:

  1. Pain during sexual activity: Short frenulum can cause discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse, which can affect the patient's intimacy and quality of life.
  2. Difficulty in penetration: Due to the restriction caused by the short frenulum, penetration may be difficult or even impossible in some cases, which can affect the person's sex life and intimate relationships.
  3. Increased risk of injury: A short frenulum can increase the risk of tears or trauma during sexual activity, which can result in pain, bleeding, and even requiring medical attention.
  4. Hygiene problems: In some cases, a short frenulum can make it difficult to properly clean the genital area, which can increase the risk of infection or irritation.
  5. Psychological impact: Sexual difficulties and complications associated with short frenulum can have a negative impact on the individual's self-esteem, confidence and psychological well-being.

Frenuloplasty: short frenulum laser operation

He Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra performs this procedure under local anesthesia, which is very well tolerated by the patient. After the anesthesia is applied, a minimal incision of the frenulum is made with a Carbon Dioxide Laser. Next, 3 resorbable points are given which fall off on their own after 14 days. The procedure takes 10 minutes. Once completed, the patient continues his normal life. The procedure is not painful, nor is the recovery. It is recommended not to have sex for 20 days. After this the patient will have a normal life and sexuality.

Advantages of Laser Frenuloplasty: Optimizing the Patient Experience

The use of carbon dioxide laser in frenuloplasty offers numerous advantages for both the patient and the recovery process. These are some of the main ones:

  1. Surgical Precision: The laser allows the surgeon to make precise and controlled incisions, minimizing the risk of collateral damage to surrounding tissues.
  2. Minimal Invasion: The laser technique reduces the need for large incisions, which leads to less blood loss and faster healing time.
  3. Less Pain and Discomfort: Local anesthesia and laser precision help reduce discomfort during and after the procedure, improving the patient experience.
  4. Fast recovery: Thanks to minimal invasion and accelerated healing process, patients can return to their daily activities in a short time, minimizing the impact on their routine.
  5. Aesthetic Results: The use of laser allows for more satisfactory aesthetic results, with minimal scars and a natural appearance of the corrected frenulum.

Statistics and Facts about Short Frenulum or Frenuloplasty

According to recent medical studies, it is estimated that approximately 5% of adult men may experience some degree of frenulum brevis. This condition can cause sexual discomfort, affect quality of life, and increase the risk of injury during sexual activity. Additionally, it has been noted that frenulum brevis may be underdiagnosed due to lack of awareness about this condition.

Regarding the effectiveness of frenuloplasty, it has been shown to be a safe and effective procedure to correct short frenulum. In most cases, patients experience a significant improvement in sexual function and a reduction in associated discomfort. Studies have reported high satisfaction rates among patients undergoing frenuloplasty, with satisfactory long-term aesthetic and functional results.

Postoperative Advice and Care

After undergoing frenuloplasty, it is important to carefully follow your doctor's orders to ensure a quick and complication-free recovery. Some post-operative tips and care include:

  1. Rest and limited physical activity: It is advisable to rest and avoid strenuous activities during the first few days after surgery to allow the body to recover properly.
  2. Proper hygiene: Maintaining good genital hygiene is essential to prevent infections. It is recommended to gently wash the treated area with warm water and mild soap, avoiding rubbing or applying excessive pressure.
  3. Avoid sexual activity: It is advised to abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 2-3 weeks after frenuloplasty to allow the incision to heal completely and reduce the risk of complications.
  4. Follow the medication plan: If medications are prescribed for pain or to prevent infections, it is important to follow the medication plan as prescribed by the doctor.
  5. Monitoring for signs of complications: Watch for signs of complications such as excessive bleeding, severe swelling, fever, or increased pain, and contact your doctor if concerns arise.

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