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Hair by hair hair transplant

The hair-by-hair hair implant is the most advanced procedure for the treatment of baldness.

In my career as a plastic surgeon, which began in 1987, and which has gone through the large rotating scalp flaps, the implant punches, the extensive scars in the donor area, the unnatural results, being able to have reached this scientific advance that does not leave scarring sequels, that provides an absolute naturalness, fills me with satisfaction and makes me want to further promote this procedure.

In the following video you will be able to observe how the hair is removed, how it is implanted, its absolute naturalness and the absence of scarring stigmata.

How is a hair implant done?

In some forms of alopecia, it may be necessary to resort to surgical treatment to obtain an optimal result. Currently, hair transplantation is used through follicular micrografts. This hair technique has improved substantially in recent years. In fact we can say that at the present time it has reached its maturity, allowing totally natural results to be obtained.

The hair transplant technique using micrografts (“hair by hair”) is a minimally invasive surgery performed with local anesthesia, does not require admission, and the patient returns to his normal social and work life in a few days. The final result is observed at 12 months, so the image change obtained is gradual. It is an intervention that produces a very high degree of satisfaction in patients with alopecia, both men and women.

Ideal age for a hair transplant

The ideal age is between 30 and 40 years, however, this depends on each case. There are patients who do not reach the age of 30 who already have alopecia so advanced that it will not stabilize.

Should you wait for hair loss to complete before doing a hair transplant?

It is not necessary to wait until the hair loss is complete. The technique allows hair to be grafted between existing hair, while also acting to improve and restore hair density.

Results in patients

Does the hair implant leave a scar?

Hair transplantation uses a 0.7-0.8 mm diameter micropunch for the extraction phase. The resulting wounds are minimal and heal within 3 days leaving completely unnoticeable scars.

How much does hair transplant cost?

The cost of treatment is u$d 1,900 . For inquiries about payment contact [email protected]

Doubts and queries

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