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Nevus Rufus or red dots, are also known as Nevus Ruby, Points Ruby, Nevus Cherry or Blood Polka Dots. They are benign moles that appear at an advanced age due to aging of the skin, in men and women, usually in the area of the chest, neck and arms. They are usually circular, red in color and 1 or 2 millimeters in diameter.
They are also frequent in people with very white skin.
Its appearance occurs due to a vascular dilation of small superficial blood vessels.

They can appear due to liver disorders or imbalances, due to normal aging of the skin, prolonged and inadequate exposure to the sun, they frequently appear during pregnancy, although they usually disappear when the woman gives birth.


The latest technology used in our Medical Centers is laser therapy. The most appropriate lasers have wavelengths that vary from 532, 980, and 1064 nm.
The light energy of the laser is absorbed by the hemoglobin of the nevus which produces its immediate coagulation.
This treatment does not require anesthesia, it is quick and the patient continues his normal life immediately.
The aesthetic result is extraordinary.

Cost of Laser Treatment for Red Moles

To obtain a personalized quote for the removal of moles you must send photos via WhatsApp to the following numbers +54 911 5503 5126 and to +54 911 4079 3779

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Videos with patient cases

We invite you to watch the videos on our YouTube channel with the account of patients who have received this treatment, entering here: Nevus Ruby or Red Mole

Patient testimonials

Mole treatment

Well the truth was my first time and my topic is a mole on the face and I already knew that in the Hoogstra Medical Center it has very good references and the ability to eliminate by laser. I decided to start my treatment to eliminate and I am really very happy. The treatment is very warm and good. I hope to finish in the same way that I would assure you. To people who have not been treated I recommend doing it. Thank you very much.

Jean Carlos Alexis Vargas Sánchez

Nevus treatment

Excellent atention. It was quick to get an interview. I was treated at the horse station with Dr. Migliavacca, ask about a nevus. I get very good advice and in the same week I have a turn to start the nevus extraction treatment.

Rosalía Sánchez

Mole laser treatment

I see Pilar's office with Dr. Carolina Stella. I have already done 5 sessions of Lotus Laser to remove a mole. The treatment is going very well, there is almost nothing left of the mole I had. Very satisfied with everything, attention, explanation, treatment and professionalism.

Roxana Vallina

Mole laser treatment

I went to Pilar's office for a consultation, and that same day I started the treatment to remove some moles, excellent attention from Dr. Carolina Stella and Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra.

Ilsa Cristaldo