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Eyelid lift without surgery

The skin of the eyelids is the finest in the body and one of the first in have wrinkles and furrows. When we communicate, we direct our gaze to the eyes of our interlocutor, which is why the expression of the gaze is so important.

In some people, your eyelids and eyebrows can give you the expression of tiredness, sadness and old age. There are others who generate the opposite.

My specialty is the eyelids, the position of the eyebrows and giving the patient a fresh, youthful, rested and natural appearance.

Dr. Hoogstra uses laser technology, ultrasound and since 1995 he does not require cutting the eyelids, and therefore, does not leave scars.

Patients from all over the world come to my center to perform these procedures. Now let's see what are the reasons why patients attend more frequently.

Rejuvenation of the eyelids with carbon dioxide laser.

Blepharoplasty without surgery is performed with carbon dioxide laser technology. This is responsible for destroying the keratinocytes of the skin, which generates a skin tightening instantly, achieving an effect ""lifting ”of eyelids without surgery.

According to the experience of Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra, removing skin from the upper eyelid generates in most patients a decrease in the eyebrows, creating a sad, tired and aged look. Eliminate excess Skin and scarring on the lower eyelids produces in many patients functional and unsightly deformations.

This is why, the Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra developed in 1995 a technique that rejuvenates the eyelids using laser technology without surgery, which does not leave scars and does not remove skin. This avoids the unnatural results and complications of conventional surgeries.

How does the carbon dioxide laser work in the eyelid lift ?.

The light energy of Firexel removes superficial layers of skin aged by sun damage and over the years. On the surface of the skin it eliminates spots, dark circles and wrinkles. In the depth of the tissue it produces a heating and stimulation of the elastic and collagen fibers, producing a tightening effect on the skin.

Carbon Dioxide Laser-assisted eyelid surgery requires a new type of operator training. Hoogstra Medical Centers offers refresher courses to national and foreign doctors who want to enter this field.

Ultrasound allows us the following advantages:

  1. Leaves no scars.
  2. Always natural result.
  3. It does not damage muscle structures like the conventional technique does.
  4. Ultrasound and Carbon Dioxide Laser rejuvenates all the skin on the eyelids.
  5. Less edema.
  6. Fewer bruises.
  7. Quick reintegration into work.
  8. It does not lower the eyebrow as the conventional technique does.
  9. It improves the expression of the gaze.

Periorbital wrinkles, Crow's feet

These wrinkles are produced by the contraction of the orbicularis muscle, which has the function of closing the eye.

In these cases we use botulinum toxin, with which I not only manage to reduce the wrinkle but also raise the tail of the eyebrows.

This provides a more rested and cheerful appearance.


Over the years the thin skin of the eyelids loses elastin and collagen, this added to the sun damage, with the continuous gesticulation wrinkles begin to appear.

-Is it possible to improve the quality of the skin of the eyelids without having to resort to surgery?

-YES, absolutely YES.

It is impossible to rejuvenate all the skin on the eyelids, pulling out a thin strip of skin and leaving a scar.

This is absurd and the only thing it brings are complications of all kinds, unnatural results and deformations.

I use to rejuvenate the skin of the eyelids laser technology With this I rejuvenate the entire eyelid unit and if necessary I also reduce wrinkles on the rest of the face.

The results are natural and very long-lasting.

What I am looking for is to attenuate wrinkles, eliminate periorbital furrows or crow's feet, raise the eyebrow a little if necessary and give volume to the cheekbones and tear canal.

By associating these procedures I achieve a young and expressive look which transmits a greater degree of energy and vitality.

Eye bags

He Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra He developed this treatment after verifying that many of the patients who consulted him for dark circles had a lack of volume in the cheekbone or in the area between the cheekbone and the nose, known as the tear canal.

The lack of volume of the cheekbone and / or the tear canal allows the skin of the eyelids to extend towards the cheeks, this increase in the length of the eyelid and its dark color increases dark circles.

The time of the procedure 5 minutes, painless, great satisfaction of the patient, who immediately continues his normal life.

Fat bags on the eyelids

If the patient presents adipose bags in the lower and upper eyelids then if it is necessary to operate.

For these patients, develop a technique that also does not leave scars.

See recommended treatment >>> Laser blepharoplasty

Drop of the eyebrows, tired and sad look

If the eyebrows are very lowered, an invisible lift is recommended

See recommended treatment >>> Invisible Lifting

Doubts and queries

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