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Hyperhidrosis is a pathology characterized by excessive sweating in the armpits, hands, feet and face, of unknown cause.

Clinical picture

It is due to a neurological stimulus that produces hyperstimulation of the sweat glands. It generally has a genetic component, since it occurs frequently in parents and children. Although many times it is caused by emotional stress, most hyperhidrosis occurs spontaneously. It typically begins in adolescence or young adulthood in both men and women. Hyperhidrosis impairs personal and work activities, affecting the quality of life.


At Hoogstra Medical Centers we treat excessive sweating only in the armpit area with Botulinum Toxin.
Blocking the nerve endings with Botulinum Toxin Type A is a safe and effective option, it produces temporary denervation of the sweat glands, resulting in a local reduction in sweating for a period of 7 to 8 months.

Cost of Treating Hyperhidrosis with Botulinum Toxin

The cost of the treatment is u$d 200 + IVA. The cost of the consultation is $60,000 pesos, which will be reimbursed if the treatment is performed

This treatment is performed by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra in the 3 branches of Hoogstra Medical Centers

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