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Cellulite and flaccidity treatment with ultrasound

What is cellulite?

This generally female condition can also occur in men. It is located in the deep layer of the skin. It usually appears on the skin of the abdomen, lower extremities, and pelvic region, and is usually occur after puberty.


When the microcirculation of a certain area does not work as it should, the fat reserves present in the dermis become more difficult for the body to use and gradually accumulate, compressing the small blood vessels.

This compression action causes worsen circulation and a transfer of plasma on the walls of the capillaries. Plasma begins to overflow and tends to infiltrate between cells. Causing an inflammation of the adipose tissue over time.

This generates a edematous, swollen and heavy feeling. Very fine fatty nodules are formed that give an "orange peel" appearance (fibrous cellulite).

A bad habit is, pFor example, exercising and not eating properly. When this occurs, the body releases fatty acids from adipose tissue and uses it as an energy source, but does not discriminate if it is taken from the buttocks, breasts, abdomen, etc. Generally, there are more resistant areas and many patients become emaciated, thin areas that they do not want to lose weight, and instead the unwanted fatty deposits remain intact.

Cellulite treatment with ultrasound

Ultrasonic devices emit millions of tiny high-frequency sound waves that are sent directly to the skin. These waves generate friction heat which passes through the deeper layers of the skin, facilitating the metabolism of the skin (the activation of collagen rejuvenates the skin and reduces the accumulation of fat). The thermal, vibratory and osmotic effects generated by ultrasound make it easier for fat cells to be destroyed.

This treatment also decreases fluid retention as it promotes the movement of interstitial fluids. That is, the fluids that are between the cells.

By breaking down fat cells with sound waves, this liquefied fat substance is then naturally collected in the bloodstream and removed from the body along with other bodily wastes.

Ultrasound: the best treatment for cellulite

This system eliminates localized fat, cellulite and those extra centimeters that annoy so much. Hoogstra Medical Centers has the most modern ultrasound technology on the market and the only one that comes with 13, 9 and 6 mm heads with which we can reduce adipose tissue. On the other hand, the 4.5, 3 and 1.5mm heads we allow skin tightening.

The thermal effect destroys the adipose tissue with results that can be seen immediately after finishing the treatment and that are durable in time.

After the treatment has been carried out, we ask the patient to drink plenty of water and take brisk 30-60 minute walks.

What happens when I destroy adipose tissue with ultrasound?

The adipocyte is formed in its 95% by Triglycerides. A triglyceride is made up of one molecule of Glycerol and 3 molecules of Fatty Acids. When we destroy the adipocyte we are releasing the interstitium, intracellular space Triglycerides and Fatty Acids.

The body does not differentiate where this fat comes from, whether it is from food or tissue damage. The fatty acids that are the lightest pass into the blood, bind to a protein that is albumine, reach the liver and are used for energy.

Triglycerides bind to a Lipoprotein called Chylomicron and pass first to the lymphatic system, then to the blood. These triglycerides can re-form fat in another part of the body, build muscle, and only in 20% is it used as energy.

Reduce cellulite is possible

Combining the power of our advanced ultrasound technology plus your commitment to physical activity and taking care of your diet, we can help you improve your physical appearance, freeing yourself of those fatty accumulations, but at the same time improve your health. So you can look and feel better.

For all this, it is very important to add your commitment to the work of shaping your body.

If you walk every day for 30 to 60 minutes you are helping to consume the Fatty Acids and Triglycerides removed from the fatty tissue. Also without a correct diet you will be forming fat again.

How to eliminate cellulite?

Patient testimonials


I thank both Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra and Dr. Lorena Trodler for the warm attention and professionalism they have always provided me.

Valeria Prina

Body hifu

I was treated by Dr. Stella Carolina, a specialist in dermatology, and I had an ultrasound in the thigh area, in the center located in the pillar. I recommend it a thousand times.

Laura Mariani


Dr. Carolina Stella was very detailed, kind and professional, she performed micro and macro ultrasound focused on the eyelids.

Barbara Cattáneo

Focused Micro and Macro Ultrasound

I am in treatment with Doctor Lorena Páez with UF by prescription of Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra at Calasanz headquarters. Both excellent professionals. Many thanks.

Elsa Wittmann

Hifu and radiofrequency

I did two treatments at the Caballito branch, one of radiofrequency with microneedles with Dr. Bennesch, of whom I highlight her attention and dedication. And many months after Ultraformer with Dr. Hoostra, the result was very good! I recommend them.

Analia Civale

Treatment cost

The cost of the intervention is made with prior evaluation of the Dr. Hoogstra. The query value is $60,000 pesos which are reimbursed in the total amount of the procedure."

Doubts and queries

You can call Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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You can send an email to Andrea: [email protected]   or a WhatsApp + 54 9 11 4079 3779

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Frequent questions

  • Where is the treatment performed?
    The treatment of localized adiposities with ultrasound is performed in the office, it does not require a surgical unit.
  • Should we carry out previous studies?
    They are not necessary.
  • Is it a painful treatment?
    It is a treatment well tolerated by the patient, it does not require anesthetic cream or prior preparation.
  • How long does the treatment last?
    A body area like the waist usually takes around 90 minutes, since several passes are made with almost all the heads, to treat different depths.
  • When do I see the result?
    The result can be seen immediately after finishing the treatment, and continues to act for 120 days
  • Is the result lasting in time?
    Once the adipocyte is destroyed, the fat does not return to that region. If you. Weight gain will spread throughout the body, but will not return to the treated area.
  • Will I have sagging on the skin of the treated tissue?
    Remember that Ultrasound technology not only decreases localized adiposity, it also tightens the skin.

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