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Tyson's glands - pearly penile papules

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The tyson's glands They are a type of penile structures that are present in all men, in the region around the glans. They are shiny, transparent colored bumps, located in the head of the glans crown-shaped. They are physiological and harmless.

Are pearly papules contagious?

Pearl papules, caused by the presence of Tyson's glands, they are not contagious and, therefore, they are also not considered a sexually transmitted disease.

Often times, these lesions can be mistaken for genital warts caused by the HPV virus, so the only way to confirm the diagnosis is to see a urologist.

What problems do they generate?

In most cases, Tyson's glands do not need treatment, as they are benign and do not cause health problems. However, in some men can cause a great alteration of the image of the penis, which ends up making their relationships difficult.

Tyson's Gland Removal

Its removal is done only for cosmetic purposes or because it rubs. The most effective, painless and quick way to treat them is with the Erbium Lotus laser.

At Hoogstra Medical Centers we have this Laser technology and a team of dermatologists specialists who will be able to carry out an adequate diagnosis and treatment.

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Cost of Laser Treatment of Pearly Penile Papules

The cost of the consultation is $4.000, if you. carry out the treatment then the value of the consultation will be discounted.

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The cost is u$d 400(IVA No Incluido). You can take your turn via the internet with the Dr.Ricardo Hoogstra and schedule a date for the treatment.

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