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Porokeratosis is a hereditary disorder of keratinization, described by Mibelli.

Clinical picture

It is characterized by the appearance of one or more round-shaped hyperkeratotic plaques. Skin lesions are persistent alternating periods of improvement and recurrence. There are multiple clinical variants, but the hyperkeratotic papule is present in all. The diagnosis is confirmed with histopathology, where the cornoid lamella is appreciated.

The poor response to therapy, the frequent recurrence and its potential pre-neoplastic nature make this pathology a complex problem for the dermatologist.


There are many therapies suggested for porokeratosis, but most are disappointing. The ablation with the Erbium Lotus Laser opens up an effective, safe, painless therapeutic possibility, without adverse effects and immediate recovery.
Emollients and sun protection are the basis of any treatment.

Other topical treatments are:
1.5-Fluorouracil: due to the high irritation it produces on the skin, it cannot be used in large areas.
2. Local corticosteroids: for its anti-inflammatory effect relieving itching.
3.Diclofenac: it is one more non-steroidal anti-inflammatory in the long list of treatments for porokeratosis.
4.Imiquimod 5%: it is particularly useful in dermatosis where the immune system plays an important role.
5.Retinoids: like tretinoin, they function as keratolytics, which do not heal lesions but only produce cosmetic improvement.
6. Keratolytics: salicylic acid, ammonium lactate. They produce cosmetic improvement and slight relief of symptoms, without cure.

Systemic Treatments

Oral retinoids: isotretinoin, etretinate and acitretin.

Surgical Treatments

Electrocoagulation and Cryosurgery: They are effective, but they hurt and leave sequelae and it takes time for the treated area to recover.

Laser therapy

CO2, Nd-YAG, Q-switched and Erbium lasers can be used. All our centers have this technology, of which we prefer, as we said before, the Erbium Lotus Laser for its speed to treat large areas of the body and immediate recovery. In addition, it is not painful and does not leave sequelae.

The laser treatment is also combined with local treatments at home that are alternated according to the evolutionary moment of the disease.

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