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Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation


This type of pigmented lesions, as its name implies, describes the final stage of an inflammatory process that the skin underwent. The redness of the area is the first evolutionary step and is due to vascular dilation, then comes dark pigmentation.

Clinical Picture

This type of hyperpigmentation is seen frequently in patients who depilate with hot wax. The upper lip is the most affected. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is also observed by the use of deodorants in patients with allergies to any of its components, in this case the most affected areas are the armpits.
It is common to see hyperpigmentation due to the use of some garment, belt or decorative metal element that rubs the skin by rubbing, which produces redness and subsequent pigmentation.
Certain types of drugs such as tetracyclines, sulfa drugs, barbiturates, metronidazole, paracetamol, benzodiazepines, ibuprofen, among others, produce circumscribed erythema (inflammation) on the skin that end with hyperpigmentation.
There is another type of hyperpigmentation that is produced by perfumes and colognes that contain bergamot derivatives.
The bergamot oil contained in the perfume produces a significant inflammatory process, with edema and vasodilation, which ends like the others in a pigmented stain in the contact area.
Another type of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is that produced as a consequence of ablative laser treatments, chemical peels and other aesthetic treatments aimed at rejuvenating the skin.


One of the most modern treatments for the treatment of these hyperpigmentations is the laser. Helios II.
It is a Microfractioned Nd: YAG Q SWITCHED Laser that uses DEO (diffractive) technology which was invented and patented by Laseroptek in 2009.
Diffractive technology divides the energy emitted by the laser into 81 stable and uniform micro points that increase the therapeutic effect without the complications that are common in other systems.
Helios II has been specially designed to treat melasma and all kinds of pigmented lesions throughout the year and even on dark and tanned skin.
The light energy of Helios II in its 1,064 modality impacts the pigmented lesion in depth without irritating the skin.
This treatment must always be accompanied by the suspension of the causal element and be accompanied by photo protection.

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