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Radio frequency with microneedles

Did you ever imagine what your skin would be like if your face didn't show the passing of the years? Do you know the techniques to restore to your face the radiant appearance it had at 20? An effective alternative to scalpel intervention is the Radiofrequency with Microneedles, a minimally invasive procedure that provides you with the lost collagen. We tell you all about this successful technique.

Over the years, the face loses the skin's natural collagen, fibrous molecules that form its structure and resist tensile forces. By becoming deficient in this protein, the skin begins to show no tone and reveal its first signs of aging, which from the age of 35 can become visible through lack of brightness, sagging and incipient wrinkles.

Radiofrequency with Microneedles is an innovative technology that helps regenerate the substances that are essential to keep skin smooth and young, and its application is simple and innovative, obtaining excellent results.

Radiofrequency facial What is it?

This contribution of the technology resides in the application of electromagnetic radiation directly on the aged tissue in the deepest layers of the skin, in order to cause great molecular and energy mobilization in the facial tissue.

"The Scarlet produces a gradual heating on the skin, acting mainly on the existing collagen fibers, strengthening them and producing an effect called collagen genesis (formation of new collagen), generating contraction of the skin and therefore reducing sagging", explains the Dr. Hoogstra, underlining that “during the procedure a sensation of heat is perceived in the treated area, without becoming annoying or painful. Later the skin can be seen reddened, gradually disappearing. "

Radiofrequency with microneedles applied to the face achieves contraction of the skin (lifting effect) as it redefines the contour of the face, lifts the cheekbones and eyebrows as well as the neck (dewlap), reshaping the facial area.
But its use is not limited to the skin of the skin as it is also an excellent technique to improve flaccidity in the arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs, caused by age, pregnancy or loss of muscle mass.
The results are extraordinary from the first moment, although they are gradually increasing. It is not necessary to take extraordinary measures after the procedure and does not require anesthesia. It also does not require a recovery period and it is possible to sunbathe as long as the proper protection is used.

"The result is evident from the first session since the effect is immediate when the existing collagen is contracted. In a second stage this improvement will be accentuated, achieving the maximum result around the first three months, which is when approximately the formation of new collagen is completed, "says the specialist.

The indications of the Scarlet, Radiofrequency with Microneedles They are:

  • Afirmar y tonificar la piel otorgando frescura y descanso al rostro.
  • Definir el contorno del rostro y levantar las mejillas.
  • Disminuir los surcos nasogenianos.
  • Alisar las arrugas y líneas de expresión.
  • Reducir la papada, las bolsas y las ojeras.
  • Tonificar la piel de brazo, cara interna de muslos y otras áreas corporales que lo requieran.

Radiofrequency with microneedles introduced in Latin America by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra is indicated for both men and women who want to improve their appearance without undergoing surgery. "To obtain good results, the sessions (lasting approximately 30 minutes) should be carried out at intervals of 30 days, approximately 4 sessions are recommended, the effect being maintained for more than a year if controlled maintenance is carried out," the expert warns.

The lack of freshness and tone in the face can be restored and it is no longer necessary to expose yourself early to the scalpel. There are currently prodigious techniques that combined, are effective and powerful, reversing the signs of the passage of time and recovering the lost luminosity.
Rejuvenating is possible and having splendid skin after 35 is no longer a distant dream thanks to the advancement of new technologies in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Finally, given so many treatments, it is essential to visit specialized and recognized centers to perform aesthetic procedures, in order to ensure excellent results. For this, the responsible doctor will establish a diagnosis and based on it will plan the appropriate and adjusted treatment for each person.

Results before and after

Videos with patient cases

We invite you to watch the videos on our YouTube channel with the account of patients who have received this treatment, entering here:

Patient testimonials

Hifu and radiofrequency

I did two treatments at the Caballito branch, one of radiofrequency with microneedles with Dr. Bennesch, of whom I highlight her attention and dedication. And many months after Ultraformer with Dr. Hoostra, the result was very good! I recommend them.

Analia Civale

Scarlet and fillers

My experience with Dr. Hoogstra is excellent. I also performed Radiofrequency treatment and applied hyaluronic acid.

Monica Valenziano


Excellent attention! I am attending the Caballito Branch, with Dr. Florencia Galván and I am performing the Scarlet treatment, Radiofrequency with Micro-needles for scars. I love the clonic and the people who work in it, and I feel very comfortable when carrying out my treatment.

Araceli Quispe


Neat, container, efficient. All kind and careful. Dr. Agustina Bennesch attended me at the Caballito branch, applying radiofrequency with microneedles for my rosacea (and perhaps with an anti-aging effect!). The professional answered questions that arose in the days after the consultation with Dr. Hoogstra, she explained the mechanics and that she could have some discomfort (they were minor). It is a process, I already have a turn for the next application. And I will wait patiently for the results.

María Del Pilar Martínez

Radio frequency with microneedles

I had a microneedle radiofrequency treatment with Dr. Elena Placenti during 2018. There were approximately four sessions and the result was very good regarding the tightening of the skin on the face. The device is called Scarlet. I was very satisfied.

Gabriela Alperovich

Radio frequency with microneedles

I recommend the Center, I attended with Dr. Trodler at the Belgrano headquarters, very good attention, she explains all the treatment and what are the best options for your case in particular. I performed radiofrequency with microneedles.

Greece Vigo Rojas

It does not hurt the skin, it does not hurt, the first session improves the quality of the skin and in subsequent sessions a tightening effect is observed.

It can be done in summer. It is recommended to carry out 5 to 6 sessions with an interval of 30 days between one session and another.

It does not alter the result if the interval between one session and the other is greater than 30 days.

Radio frequency with microneedles price

El costo del tratamiento de radiofrecuencia con microagujas es de u$d100 + IVA cada sesión

This procedure is performed by dermatologists at the 3 centers.

You can take your turn online CON LOS DERMATÓLOGOS, solo disponible en la sede de Caballito.

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