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When the burn has been superficial, the skin usually regenerates and therefore there are no scars or only changes in coloration. For this type of burns, at Hoogstra Medical Centers we only use the Helios laser to improve the texture and color of the lesion.

When the burn has affected the entire skin, there are raised scars and tissue retraction.

How to remove scars?

The word Laser comes from the English Light: it amplifies, stimulates and radiates. This light is transformed into heat, which vaporizes the scars on high, lowering their thickness and aesthetically improving the burned tissue.

The Fractionated Carbon Dioxide Laser produces multiple perforations of the burned tissue resulting in a new generation and tissue remodeling.

The combination of the Carbon Dioxide Laser in its superficial and deep ablative modality, produces surprising changes in burn scars. These changes on the surface are seen as a flattening of the tissue and in the depth as a stimulation and a remodeling.


Carbon dioxide laser treatment usually produces redness and edema that last from 2 weeks to a month, depending on the intensity and energy used. We do not see this effect when we carry out the treatment with the Erbium Lotus laser, the patient immediately continues with his normal life.

The Laser Lotus produces a slow and gradual improvement of all raised scars, improving the texture and quality of the tissue.

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Price of the treatment of Scars with Lotus Laser

To calculate the price of the treatment, a prior evaluation with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra is required. The cost of the consultation is $60,000 pesos, which will be refunded if the patient undergoes the treatment.

The number of sessions depends on the extent of the burned tissue and the type of scar that exists. Sessions can be held every 15 days.

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