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Siliconoma is a foreign body granulomatous reaction that occurs as a result of the silicone subcutaneous implant, generally for cosmetic purposes.

Clinical picture

The siliconoma (s) appear months to years later, after application. Treatment of this condition is difficult since the results obtained are incomplete and transitory.
Liquid silicone was considered useful as a filler material because it is permanent and minimally antigenic, but its use in injectable form has not been approved by any health authority because it migrates, presents granulomas, damages tissues, causing severe inflammatory reactions, and is very difficult to extract. of the organism.

For many years, at Hoogstra Medical Centers we have seen the unpleasant aesthetic effects and the damage to the health and psyche of patients who have received this type of practice poorly informed.


We have carried out all kinds of procedures to help affected patients and we have currently discovered that some well-capped siliconomas can be removed effectively, quickly and safely through micro-perforations produced in the skin with the Lotus II laser.

As we see in this video, the siliconoma was completely drained with the use of the Lotus laser, no previous preparation was required, no anesthesia was used and the patient was able to continue immediately with his daily activity, with a cure of 100%.

We do not consider this procedure to be effective in all affected patients, but in many it will be an effective solution without additional tissue and patient damage.

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