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Attention and results

My experiences were always excellent! I only have thanks to Dr. Hoogstra for his professionalism and human quality, always guiding me correctly to my requirements with results that left me absolutely satisfied. All the staff with a very friendly, warm and professional treatment.

Facial fillers

I saw Doctor Hoogstra at the Caballito branch and applied Restylane. I have been very happy with the results, the doctor transmits a lot of tranquility and experience!

Face lift

The facelift in addition to being painless has a natural and rejuvenating result, not faces made with a seal or a scared face. Adorable administrative staff. Josefina and Estela genias. Doctor congratulate you. Would go back again. It totally removed a hideous caesarean scar that disfigured my abdomen. I carried her for 40 years. You did it. In addition a very solution human being. I recommend it.

About the Doctor

Dr. Hoogsrta is the best professional I have ever met, both as a surgeon and as a human being. I always recommend it. Thank you.