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What is onychomycosis?

It is an infection caused by mushrooms which affects nail, generally to those of the feet. The infection starts on one of the big toes, and can then infect other nails on the same foot over time. It can happen that people who have onychomycosis suffer from athlete's foot at the same time, which is also caused by fungi, but in this case it would only affect the skin.

Onychomycosis laser

The FDA has approved the use of Nd: YAG Q SWITCHED laser for the treatment of onychomycosis. Our medical centers have this advanced laser technology Helios for treating mycosis of the fingernails and toenails with a 90% of therapeutic effectiveness. This is because They transmit a light energy through the nail that eradicates the fungus and allows it to grow normally. 

The laser is used on all nails, whether affected or not. Although it is a prolonged treatment, the changes are evident from the beginning, managing to improve the aesthetics of the nails from the first sessions. This is how you can see immediate whitening and thinning of the nails. These dehydrate, dry, pulverize and resume their usual growth previously inhibited by the action of the fungus.

Treatment of severe onychomycosis

The treatment is especially effective in cases of distal and proximal onychomycosis. During the treatment the laser beam produces a slow and gradual heating of the nail bed, this produces the destruction of the fungus without damaging the matrix of the nail or the skin. After the first session, the sensation of pain relief and improvement in appearance. it will be evident. However, because the nail grows slowly, there will be no instantaneous but gradual improvement.

Advantages of laser nail treatment

  • Safe and effective.
  • Fast and easy.
  • Without local anesthesia. The patient immediately continues with all kinds of activities, including sports.
  • Footwear can be worn and nails can be polished immediately after treatment.
  • So far today no adverse effects or contraindications have been observed for this treatment.

Duration of the procedure

The procedure consists of one session per week during the first month. After this first stage, the doctor will indicate the time interval between the following sessions. This treatment it is carried out until the total replacement of the affected nail / s is achieved. In the case of the hands, it is usually a minimum of six months, while in the case of the feet it is approximately 12 months. Those patients who due to geographical distance cannot perform the procedure at the recommended frequency, usually take a double session in the same day.

Before and after

Cost of laser treatment for onychomycosis

  • El costo es de $ 17.000 por cada sesión (manos o pies)
  • El costo es de $ 28.000 por cada sesión (manos y pies)
  • El costo es de 2 sesiones de manos o 2 sesiones pies es de $ 28.000

Doubts and queries

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