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Perigenital Warts – Laser Treatment

Warts are skin lesions caused by the human papillomavirus. Their removal is not easy since warts have their own blood supply system which generates abundant bleeding. Additionally, it compromises nerve endings, causing great pain.

Warts are contagious, the patient suffers from self-infection and in turn can infect other people. Individuals with a deficiency in the immune system are more prone to contract this disease. Depending on the serotype of the virus, the affected area is different (hands, face, feet, anus-genitalia, etc).


Conventional treatments are based on local tissue destruction. At the Hoogstra Center we treat warts with the Erbium Lotus II Laser. The Lotus impacts the wart at high speed, causing no pain for the patient or damage to neighboring tissues. It does not leave scars. Large warts are generally removed in more than one session. After each session, no special care is required and the patient immediately returns to activity.

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