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What is a wart?

It is a skin lesion generated by the human papilloma virus. These lesions that manifest a variable and excreting form; They can affect different areas of the body. Individuals with deficiencies in the immune system are more likely to contract this disease.

Its removal is not easy since warts have their own blood irrigation system that causes bleeding in their surgical removal; they can also regenerate faster. In addition, it involves various nerve endings, so its removal or manipulation causes great pain. This is why, at Hoogstra medical center, we prefer laser treatment warts.

Types of warts

  • Vulgar warts

    They are the most frequent They have a rounded shape, usually appear in groups or isolated, and their surface is rough. They form on the back and palms of the hands, and soles of the feet. They can also form between the fingers and sometimes on the face, neck, and scalp.

  • Genital warts

    Called condylomas. They are soft, and can be cauliflower-shaped, when they are very large. They are located anywhere in the genital area (penis, vagina), in the groin and in the perianal region. They are highly contagious, since the urogenital mucosa is more delicate and susceptible to erosions and wounds that facilitate the entry of HPV. They are transmitted during sexual intercourse.

  • Filiform warts

    With an elongated shape and softer texture, they can appear on the neck and eyelids. They are attached to the skin by a small area. Many times they detach themselves and it is frequent to hook them with the nails, the neck chains, a brush or the comb itself.

  • Subungual and periungual warts

    This is the name given to warts that usually appear due to or around the nails, respectively.

  • Flat warts

    They are more frequent in children and adolescents. The flat warts They do not protrude much and have a whiter color and similar to that of the skin than the rest of common warts. They are small in size and are distributed in groups or clusters.

  • Plantar warts

    Better known as papillomasPlantar warts are found on the soles of the feet. This location makes them very painful due to the pressure of the body's weight when walking, so they almost always require treatment to eliminate them instead of waiting for them to disappear on their own.

What areas do they affect?

Depending on the type of virus, warts can appear on:

  • hands
  • face
  • the neck
  • Feet
  • Genitals
  • armpits, or any other part of the body.

How to remove warts?

Common warts are bothersome in most cases. They can bleed and cause pain when some type of contact is received. They can also be uncomfortable if, for example, they grow on the face. Treatment may reduce the chance that warts will spread to other areas of the body or spread to others. Our main solution is usually To be, although depending on the case, we can use cryosurgery

Wart laser treatment

At the Hoogstra Center we treat warts with the Erbium Lotus II laser. The Lotus impacts the wart at high speed, generating no pain for the patient or damage to neighboring tissues. Leaves no scars. Large warts are usually removed in more than one session. After each session no special care is required and the patient immediately resumes his activity. This is the best answer to how to remove warts fast.

The advantages of laser vaporization are its greater efficiency and safety; the absence of scars, since it acts very selectively, so that it does not damage adjacent tissues; and that it allows the blood vessels to clot, so that the skin does not bleed.

Other Wart Treatments

Conventional treatments are based on the local destruction of the tissue:

  • Cryosurgery (tissue freezing) is an effective treatment.
  • Electrocoagulation Like cryosurgery, it generates a lot of tissue destruction, a long recovery time and the possibility of scarring.
  • Treatment surgical.
  • Pharmaceutical products to remove warts
  • Intralesional bleomycin inhibits DNA and slows growth.

Patient testimonials


Excellent attention from Dr. Lorena Trodler. I went to remove some warts from my face with the laser treatment. Excellent professional and excellent results! I recommend!. Belgrano branch.

Florence Schrohn

Warts and acne

Very good attention, excellent professionals, I was treated for a wart on my neck and it was removed with a laser at the moment and without pain. I also treated myself for a case of stubborn acne on my back and they gave me treatment with antibiotics and lotion that cured me after suffering from this disease for years. I attended at the Belgrano headquarters that is opposite the Plaza de Barrancas. I did the treatment with Dr. Belén Salvaneschi.

Ricardo Maidana

Lotus laser to remove warts

The attention is excellent and they are very friendly. Dr. Lorena Trodler attended me at the Belgrano branch. The Lotus laser treatment to remove warts was great and super fast.

Yamila González


I was treated at the San José de Calasanz 176 branch by the professional Elena Placenti as a result of a skin rash compatible with warts. I was treated in a friendly way by the doctor and her diagnosis was responsible, with future appointments for the treatment. I also received friendly personal and telephone attention from the reception staff on site.

Rubén Omar Croce

Treatment results

How much does it cost to remove warts?

The cost of query dermatological is from $20,000 pesos, if you. carry out the treatment then the value of the consultation will be discounted.

He cost per session of Lotus laser It is $90.000 (hasta 5 lesiones)

The number of sessions depends on the number and size of the warts. The interval between one session and the other is 7 to 15 days.

This procedure is performed by dermatologists in the 3 centers. You can take your turn online with the dermatologists at any of our branches and attend directly to carry out a treatment.

Doubts and queries

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[email protected]  . In this mail Only medical consultations will be received. Inquiries about shifts, payments and administrative issues are not attended.

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