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Glomus tumor

What is a glomus? tumor?

A glomus tumor is a nodule arising from glomus cells in the arterial portion of the body glomus, or the Sucquet-Hoyer canal. The tumor is usually found in the nail bed or palm of a young adult and can be extremely painful, particularly after a change in temperature or pressure.

Extracutaneous Glomus tumors have rarely been reported in the gastrointestinal tract, mediastinum, trachea, mesentery, cervix, and vagina.

Glomus tumor


Glomus tumor


Glomus tumor


Glomus tumor


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What is the body glomus?

The glomus body is a temperature-sensitive organ of perivascular smooth muscle cells, which are involved in the vascular regulation of skin temperature; arterioles they contract in the cold, while the glomus bodies dilate, thus maintaining blood flow to the nail bed.

How is a glomus tumor diagnosed?

Glomus tumor can be suspected clinically as it is generally a solitary, painful, 1 to 2 cm reddish-blue color papule or nodule in or around a nail bed. Usually suffer biopsy. the histology of a glomus tumor reveals solid glomus cell sheets around small blood vessels. Immunohistochemical studies can be helpful in diagnosis.

What is the treatment for glomus tumors?

Glomus solitaire tumors can be removed surgically.