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What is a xanthelasma?

An eyelid xanthelasma is a benign tumor or a deposit of fat and cholesterol, better known as cholesterol stress. It usually manifests around the eyelid near the internal (nasal) canthus. A yellowish looking plate and it usually appears on the upper and lower eyelids of both eyes.


This condition usually has an important genetic predisposition, although it is also true that it can manifest spontaneously in patients with lipid and cholesterol metabolism disorders. It is more common in adults and the elderly.

In summary, the most common causes are:

  • Hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and biliary cirrhosis.
  • Emotional: it has been suggested that they can appear when the patient has been under strong emotional stress.
  • On many occasions, the cause is unknown.

Xanthelasmas do not pose any health problem but they do have an aesthetic problem

Xanthelasma treatment

There are multiple forms of treatment. Surgery is generally the most common. However the Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra uses different types of lasers that avoid conventional surgery and promote recovery.

One of them is CO2 laser. This laser only works in the areas where it impacts and fully respects the surrounding tissues. This technology allows programming the depth at which the treatment reaches. This is why the CO2 laser is a device of high precision.

The treatment forms a small skin wound where the laser works, which will later heal with a scab that will come off after a couple of days. As the adjustable parameters allow to program in detail the part of skin that we want to remove, the number of sessions required to treat xanthelasma is usually reduced.

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