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Liposucción sin cirugía o hidrolipoclasia: Así se realiza este tratamiento

Non-surgical liposuction, also known as hydrolipoclasia, is a cosmetic procedure that has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to reduce localized fat without the need for invasive surgical interventions. Below, we explain everything you need to know about this revolutionary treatment.

What is hydrolipoclasia?

Hydrolipoclasia is a non-surgical treatment that consists of the injection of an aqueous solution in the area to be treated , generally composed of water and other substances, with the aim of breaking down fat cells and facilitating their natural elimination by the body.

This procedure has established itself as an excellent alternative for those seeking to eliminate those fat deposits that do not disappear with diet or exercise.

Who is hydrolipoclasia recommended for?

It is ideal for those people who are looking to improve their figure but do not want to undergo a traditional surgical procedure. It is especially effective in areas such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs and arms. However, it is essential to have a professional assessment to determine if it is the right treatment for you.

Hydrolipoclasia procedure

  • Initial assessment : Before carrying out the treatment, it is essential to perform a detailed evaluation of the patient to identify the areas to be treated and determine the amount of solution necessary.
  • Application of the solution : Once the areas to be treated have been defined, the aqueous solution is injected. This stage may cause slight discomfort, but is generally well tolerated by patients.
  • Ultrasound : After the injection, an ultrasound machine is used on the area to help break down the fat cells. This enhances the results and facilitates the elimination of fat.
  • Elimination of fat : Finally, the body begins to naturally eliminate broken fat cells, usually through the lymphatic system.

Advantages of hydrolipoclasia compared to traditional liposuction

  • Less invasive : By not requiring surgery, the associated risks are much lower.
  • Fast recovery : No cuts mean reduced recovery time and less post-treatment discomfort.
  • Natural results : By acting on fat cells gradually, the results tend to be more harmonious and natural.

Advantages of having hydrolipoclasia at Bouret Clinic

If you are thinking about undergoing a hydrolipoclasia procedure and have heard about Bouret Clinic, you may want to know the advantages of having it done at this location. Here we present some of them:

  • Experience and professionalism : Bouret Clinic is recognized for its track record and professionalism. Their team is made up of experts in the field of aesthetic medicine, which guarantees you quality treatment.
  • Cutting-edge equipment : This clinic has the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment, which translates into precise and satisfactory results for patients.
  • Personalized attention : At Bourandt Clinic , each patient is unique. Therefore, you will receive personalized attention from the first consultation, ensuring that the treatment adapts perfectly to your needs and expectations.
  • Comfortable environment : Its facilities are designed to offer a calm and comfortable environment, making it easy for you to feel relaxed and safe during the process.
  • Post-procedure follow-up : It is not just about the day of hydrolipoclasia. The clinic is responsible for offering follow-up after the treatment, to ensure that everything is going well and the results are as expected.
  • Natural Results : Thanks to the combination of technology, experience and attention to detail, Bouret Clinic strives to offer results that look natural, avoiding the “operated” look.
  • Transparent information : Before undergoing any procedure, you will receive all the necessary information about the process, risks, aftercare and any other relevant details. Transparency is key for you to make an informed decision.

Post-treatment care

It is essential to follow the specialist’s instructions after hydrolipoclasia. It is recommended:

  • Avoid sun exposure in the treated area.
  • Do not do intense physical activities during the first days.
  • Use compression garments, if indicated by the specialist, to promote skin adaptation.

As you can see, hydrolipoclasia is an innovative and less invasive alternative to traditional liposuction, ideal for those seeking to improve their figure without undergoing surgery. Being a non-surgical procedure, it offers advantages such as faster recovery and natural results. However, it is essential to have experienced professionals to ensure optimal results.