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Multiple steatocystoma or sebocystomatosis

Clinical picture

It is a rare entity made up of multiple cystic lesions of up to 5 cm. in diameter that are preferably located on the front of the neck and trunk, armpits, upper limb root, and English groin.

Steatocystomas are considered hamartomas of the pilosebaceous follicle. There are two clinical forms:

  • Solitary or simple steatocystoma, single lesion, without hereditary tendency.
  • Multiple steatocystoma or sebocystomatosis, characterized by the presence of numerous steatocystomas in a single or in different body areas.

Multiple steatocystoma or sebocystomatosis affects both sexes equally. It can occur sporadically (in most cases) or be inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern. In some patients the lesions become evident shortly after birth, increasing in number and size during puberty and until adulthood, from which time they remain stable. This could suggest an androgenic stimulus.

The histopathological study of steatocystomas shows cystic cavities that are located in the middle dermis, with a thick wall of squamous epithelium of 2 to 8 layers of cells, without a granular layer, which keratinizes in a similar way as the normal sebaceous duct does, resulting in a thick, wavy, prominent acellular eosinophilic cuticle with fine spicules toward the lumen. The most typical, although not essential, histological feature is the finding of sebaceous glands, sebaceous lobules, isolated sebocytes or atrophic sebaceous elements within the cyst walls.
The cysts are completely closed, do not communicate with the outside or open within the hair follicles. Its content is represented by flaked corneocytes, tallow and hairy hair stems.

Treatment of multiple steatocystoma or sebocystomatosis

Multiple steatocystoma, in any of its clinical variants, represents a real therapeutic challenge. Since the lesions are benign and asymptomatic, the main objective is to improve the appearance of the lesions, leaving a minimal scar and avoiding recurrences. Incision and drainage of cysts, or complete removal of cysts, are usually the treatments of choice. Surgical removal is curative, but numerous scars may remain.
At Hoogstra Medical Centers we treat patients with this disease with the Erbium Lotus II laser.
It is a practically painless, fast, effective procedure with an unsurpassed aesthetic result. After the procedure, the patient can immediately continue his activity.

Treatment Cost of Multiple Steatocystoma or Sebocystomatosis

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