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Sebaceous cysts often originate from inflammation of the hair follicles.

Clinical picture

They are most often located on the face, neck and trunk.
They are bumps that move freely under the skin, grow slowly, and are painless.
They become very frequently infected and present the following signs and symptoms: redness of the skin, pain, increase in local temperature, drainage of a cheesy gray-white material.

Treatment of Sebaceous Cysts with Laser

The conventional treatment was surgical, resection of the cyst with neighboring skin.
What's new is laser treatment. At Hoogstra Medical Centers we carry out a novel laser treatment for sebaceous cysts, anthrax and boils that consists of making a small hole in the most protruding part of the cyst.
Thanks to the high impact speed of the Lotus III laser, it is not necessary to perform local anesthesia or apply anesthetic creams.
Once the hole is made, the cyst is drained and, once the drainage is completed, the Lotus III laser in long pulse mode. This causes contraction of the sack walls and contraction of the same.

After this procedure, the patient can continue his daily life.
This procedure is completely painless and leaves no scar.

Cost of Laser Sebaceous Cyst Treatment

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Before and after images

Patient testimonial

We invite you to watch the videos on our YouTube channel with the account of patients who have received this treatment, entering here: Treatment of Tumors and Cysts

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